Summer Tips

Keep Itch-Free Skin This Summer
by Christian Heftel | August 30, 2015

Rashes are unsightly, uncomfortable and just generally a major pain in the back. And if you’re one of the people who experiences itchy skin rashes in the summer, it can definitely put a damper ...

Ways to Make Your Summer BBQ Healthy
by Caleb Palmquist | August 19, 2015

Host the healthiest barbecue ever with these simple tips.

5 Days Summer Session Detox Plan
by Melissa Zimmerman | August 17, 2015

Five days can leave you feeling and looking your best with this easy detox plan.

Tips To Stay Cool During Summer Workouts
by Gina McKnight | August 04, 2015

Baby, it’s hot outside! Don’t let the heat keep you inside! Get out of the air conditioning. Try these 11 tips to stay cool during summer workouts.

Tips For A Guilt-Free Summer Barbecue
by Kristen Forbes | August 02, 2015

Although it's all too easy to go overboard with the heavy meats, cheeses, white breads, caloric snacks and big desserts that are so often barbecue staples, it's just easy to make healthier choices ...

Pros and Cons of Summer Sun Exposure
by Kelley Haraughty | July 30, 2015

There are many health benefits credited to sun exposure; but there are also serious risks. This article explains the pros and cons of sun exposure as well as tips on how to stay safe in the summer ...

Simple Ways to Preserve Summer Fruits & Vegetables
by Jessica Starks | July 28, 2015

Fall is right around the corner, meaning that some of our favorite summer fruits and vegetables will be out of season! Here are six easy ways to preserve your fruits and veggies.

7 New Foods to Add to Your Diet This Summer
by Diana Kelly | July 27, 2015

Looking to change up your summer health foods? Reap health benefits while delighting your taste buds when you add these healthy foods to your summer diet

Top 20 Weight Loss Foods For This Summer
by Andrea Pyros | July 24, 2015

It’s easy to pack on unwanted pounds over the summer. Summer is the perfect time to add a range of healthy foods into your mealtime rotation. Here are 20 foods to try this season!

Summer Activities To Tone Your Abs
by Matt Staff | July 19, 2015

Sizzling summer temperatures and more frequent visits to the beach mean it's high time for you to tone up those abs! Try out these fun and unique summer activities to carve up those abs.