Stretches You Can Do With Your Partner
by Debra Ferris | September 15, 2015

What exactly is partner, or couple, stretching and why should I use it, especially when I can stretch perfectly fine on my own?

10 Myths About Stretching Debunked
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Stretching can be great for your health, but there are all too many myths about stretching readily available out there. Unfortunately, if we believe too many of these stretching myths, we may not ...

Exercises To Strengthen Your Neck
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Keeping you neck strong is more important than you might think. Your neck has a big job to do! Keep it healthy with these five exercises:

Yoga Moves Every Surfer Should Try
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To be a good surfer, you need strength, balance, and deep focus. Here are our top five yoga poses for surfers looking to get an extra edge:

Improve Your Stretching Routine
by Christian Heftel | September 03, 2015

Stretching is an important, but often neglected habit. Flexibility is one of the key components of fitness, and a good stretching routine is one of the things that can vastly improve your flexibility.

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5 Stretches To Improve Shoulder Flexibility
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Pros and Cons of Ballistic Stretching
by Jessica Starks | June 17, 2015

Ballistic stretching is a sort of warm-up or workout that involves stretching the muscles using quick and jerk-like motions. Its main purpose is to quickly stretch out the muscles and improve ...

Eight Yoga Stretches for Sore Muscles
by Amber Racer | April 23, 2015

Need quick yoga stretches for muscle soreness relief? Yoga is designed to keep your body fit and flexible for optimal health.