Stretching 101 - The How, When, and Types
by George Ponting | February 19, 2014

Stretching has been an important topic of discussion among experts for years. Much of the science is inconclusive, but there are a few aspects that we can all agree on. To clear up some confusion on the illusive nature of how, when, what kind of stretching to perform, here are a few things you may benefit from knowing.

Does Stretching Heal Injury?
by George Ponting | September 06, 2013

Stretching is a lost art nowadays. It is basically a technique that helps you increase the overall length of your body thus increasing flexibility and reach. Stretching is a key to pain relief and healing from injury and should be done before and after workout session.

Stretching for Desk sitters and Commuters
by George Ponting | August 19, 2013

You might feel embarrassed to try out some stretches as you sit on your office desk, but as you sit there, you are being your body’s worst enemy – just by sitting in one place for hours on end.

Stretches for your Sacroiliac Joint
by George Ponting | July 03, 2013

This is what joins the pelvis to the sacrum and the ilium through ligaments. It supports the base of the spine. It’s a strong, weight bearing joint, it has protruding, irregular elevations that interlock with each other for smooth movement. We all have two of these - both rough replicas of each other.

Stretches for your Intercostals
by George Ponting | July 01, 2013

Your intercostal muscles are very important in maintaining your body posture and for your respiration. These muscles are divided into external and internal intercostals that have different functions. The internal intercostals are mostly around your rib cage while your external intercostals are muscles that connect the spine to the rib cage.

Stretches for a Healthy Adductor Magnus
by George Ponting | June 26, 2013

Adductor Magnus is a muscle located at the side of your each groin. It originates from the anterior groin and ends with the inner thigh. It is attached to the pubic bone at the upper end and laterally to the femur (thigh bone). Adductor Magnus is a muscle that is responsible for multiple tasks.

Stretches For A Healthy Groin Muscle
by George Ponting | May 29, 2013

Before attempting any form of exercise, it is essential that you give your muscles a good stretch and your groin muscles are no different. As with all other muscles, groin muscle stretches exercises increase flexibility and helps to reduce your chances of injury as you work out.

Yoga Stretching Vs. Regular Stretching
by Sonia Sharma | May 24, 2013

When it’s about stretching, it’s easy for everyone to learn how to stretch if you’re physically fit and healthy regardless of age and flexibility. The same techniques of stretching apply in your daily routines such as driving, doing house hold chores or sitting at a desk the entire day.

How Yoga Stretching Changes Your Physique
by Sonia Sharma | May 21, 2013

Yoga is a unique way of gaining insight and achieving harmony and peace. Not only will it strengthen your body, but it will also treat your mind - yoga is a of the perfect mind and body treatment.

Static Stretching: The Zumba Cool Down
by Neil Johnson | May 20, 2013

Cooling down is one of the ways to allow your body to easily transition into a relaxed or resting state after strenuous exercise.