Protein Overuse Affects Kidney!
by Sandra Harrison | December 05, 2013

Americans are crazy as consumers and that reflects in their obsession with fads. Recall that era of Atkins diet of 1990s when they gulped in tons of protein supplement and went crazy about high-protein and low-carb diets without considering the effects of overuse of protein.

Lean Protein Health Benefits
by Sandra Harrison | July 03, 2013

Proteins and lipids are the building blocks for cells. Your skin, organs, blood, tissues and muscles need protein to remain healthy. It’s best that they get this protein from lean meat because the fat makes it harder to digest. Learning about the health benefits of lean proteins and getting enough lean meat into your diet is mandatory for a healthy and sustainable eating plan.

How Much Protein Do You Actually Need?
by Sandra Harrison | November 22, 2012

Did you ever consider the thought that you might be consuming more protein than is actually needed by your body? It is true that an adequate supply of protein

Protein Supplements vs Protein Foods
by Jennifer Elliot | August 18, 2012

Protein is considered to be an essential nutrient, this is because protein is a source of Amino Acids which aid in the building and repairing or muscle tissues. It is important for every individual to fulfill his/her daily requirement of proteins.

Best 8 Protein Foods
by Jennifer Elliot | July 30, 2012

Protein is an essential nutrient which plays a very important role in the human body. Proteins are a source of amino acids which are responsible for the building and repairing of body tissues. Protein is the key building block of blood, skin and muscles. Protein is a macronutrient, which means that the body requires this nutrient in large amount to function efficiently. Hence it is advised that every individual should include healthy protein foods in his/her diet. Currently the ideal amount of protein intake is 46 grams for women of age 19-70 and 56 grams for men of age 19-70. Here is a list of foods that are rich source of proteins.

6 Best Sources of Protein
by Jennifer Elliot | June 27, 2012

Recent research conducted on proteins has established that consuming more proteins in the form of eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry, nuts, dairy products and legumes is highly beneficial for the body as it promotes weight loss widely and also reduces the risk of heart disease substantially.