4 Types of Oil to Help Ease Arthritis Pain
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Lots of people who are seeking arthritis pain relief are looking for something beyond medication to help. While arthritis pain medication can be very helpful, you may also be able to relieve some ...

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Which oils are the best to cook with, have the highest smoke point, and won't degrade during the cooking process? Here is your guide to choosing the best oils for cooking.

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Oils 1-0-1 Light, virgin, extra-virgin, first-cold-pressed, EFAs
by Nathalie Plamondon | February 17, 2015

An oil is an oil. It will always be 9 calories per gram of fat. In fact, no oil is light.

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Essential Oils for Essential Cleaning
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One thing you may have noticed about “natural” products is that upon closer inspection, they don’t tend to be all that natural. There are exceptions, of course, but it seems that many of the ...

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Tea tree oil has become a regular conversation topic among health and beauty fanatics. This is because this oil originating from the Australian paperbark trees is proven a strong natural ...

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Flaxseed oil is extracted from the seeds of the flax plant. Clinical studies have suggested the health benefits of flaxseed oil are plenty. Flaxseed oil has been deemed great for treating a number ...

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Research has made it very clear that not all fats are bad. According to Gloria Tsang, former Pediatric Nutrition Specialist with Abbott Laboratories, some fats are good for the body because they ...

The Uses of Tea Tree Oil
by Jennifer Elliot | December 11, 2012

Tea tree oil is derived from the leaves of the tea tree. The tree was named Tea Tree by sailors in the 18th century who had discovered the tree by using its leaves to make tea that smelt similar ...