Core Exercises

Complex Core - Exercises and Function
by Mashal Hussain | April 11, 2015

I am a big fan of core work and an even bigger fan of clearing up misconceptions regarding this seemingly elusive and often misused component of the body.

Top Five Core Strength Exercises for Tight Abs
by Mamie Silver | March 28, 2015

You hear about “core strength” and you automatically think about abs. In a way, you’re right, too – abs are an important part of the core, but they are only just a part.

5 Core Exercises To Amp Up Your Abs
by Caleb Palmquist | March 09, 2015

Maintaining a strong core is an important part of full-body fitness, and helps you look fit and feel confident. There are many ab workouts out there, these five simple moves will keep your abs in ...

10 Fun Plank Variations for a Stronger Core
by Bianca van der Meulen | March 06, 2015

“Fun” is not a word often associated with static isometric exercises like the standard plank. But research shows this old standby exercise does strengthen your whole core, from shoulders to hips,

5 Fresh Ways to Do Crunches
by Caleigh Hanson | January 09, 2015

When it comes to toning and strengthening your core, crunches are the classic move. But if you’re bored with them – or you want to take your core workout to the next level – check out these ...

8 Jump-Rope Exercises for Your Core
by Gina McKnight | January 02, 2015

Can’t find time for the gym? Skip it! An easy way to burn belly fat is to skip rope. Jumping rope has earned kudos from fitness experts around the world for its combo of cardio and toning.

18 Plank Variations to Work Your Core
by Caleigh Hanson | December 31, 2014

Ah, the plank. The move is so classic and gives you an amazing core workout. But the same old plank can get a little boring. Why not spice up the plank and challenge yourself with a few plank ...

8 Workouts Perfect for Busy Moms
by Nate Sterling | December 10, 2014

There's no denying it -- being a mom and staying fit isn’t exactly easy. But it can be done with the right amount of discipline and strategy.

Condition Your Core: A Guide To The Psoas Muscle!
by George Ponting | May 27, 2013

Most exercise programs focus on toning and strengthening the core. Very few highlight the importance of the psoas muscle. Unlike muscles, like biceps and quads, the psoas muscle does not lie close ...

The Importance of Working on Your Core Muscles
by Jennifer Elliot | December 14, 2012

Strong core muscles not only make you look good, but they also make the performance of routine, everyday tasks a whole lot easier!