Cardiovascular Training

Treat Insomnia Naturally
by Sara Celik ND | August 04, 2014

Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide – and in some cases the cause can be a condition know as restless leg syndrome. Fortunately, RLS can be treated naturally through diet and supplementation.

Cardio Workouts For Abs
by George Ponting | May 10, 2013

Everybody wants a flatter stomach, a stronger core and most importantly better looking abs! You may be in great physical condition but still not have a visible six-pack or flat stomach. Since fat usually accumulates around the mid-section of the body, the abdominal muscles are covered under a layer of fat.

5 Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises!
by George Ponting | July 31, 2012

So you’ve picked out exercises that target your abs, legs, arms and buttocks, but did you select any for your heart? Even if you are not a diehard fitness enthusiast, you must be familiar with the words ‘cardio exercises’! Fitness experts have repeatedly emphasized the importance of including cardio exercises in fitness schedules and routines. So what is all this fuss about anyway?

Cardio Tips - Cardio is for Everyone
by Sara Ouellette | August 18, 2011

It's the season of sunshine and happiness -so what better time to head outside and get some fresh air? In today's fast-paced lifestyle, you need to use a vast amount of air to get through your busy day. Poor breathing and cardiovascular health robs you of energy and negatively affects your mental alertness. When you don't partake in regular cardiovascular exercise your rib cage and surrounding muscles get stiff, causing inhalation to become more difficult.