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Yogalates DVD

"Yogalates" is a unique modern fusion of traditional yoga and Pilates that will help you sculpt a long and lean body and leave...

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In this modern world of ours most people practice and are in favor of the new methods and workout routines. They think these Pilates workout sessions are more effective and give results much quicker, but then there are also those who don't seem to agree with this thesis. Some believe the ancient art of yoga does more than any other workout session and believe that the peace of mind, body and soul is the most important thing for a healthy lifestyle. We at fitness republic have the answer that satisfy's everyone's needs."Yogalates" is a unique combination of modern techniques that comprises the use of Pilates with traditional yoga. The yogalates DVD will help you sculpt a long and lean body leaving you with calm, balanced and a complete feeling. Led by certified yoga and Pilate's instructor Nicole Kantas, the yogalates DVD has instructions that focus on a series of poses that will help you stretch and strengthen your core muscles, support the spine and abdomen, while providing a complete full body workout routine. In this yogalates DVD Poses are customized for beginner and advanced students separately. Perform the segments as individual workouts or mix and match them to create your own personalized program. Best of all, you can enjoy your workout in the comfort of your own time and space. Whenever you need a break from life's everyday stresses, just pop in this DVD and let its magic consume you

Meet Your Instructor

Born in Toronto, Nicole Kantas returned from Greece at age 10 when she began private aerobics and dance classes in downtown Toronto. At an early age, she fell in love with the sensations of breath and body movement and vowed to learn everything there was to know about the human body and the internal rhythm and language connecting the mind, body and soul. In 1999, she was reintroduced to this world of movement through yoga, which conquered her heart and raised her awareness about her own body. Trained in a variety of yoga disciplines including Hatha Ashtanga yoga, restorative yoga therapy, pre-natal yoga and Annusara yoga, she currently offers free classes on the Internet and shares this amazing, unique fusion of yoga and Pilates with the world..

Equipment Used

Yoga mat
Yoga Block
Yoga belt

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