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If you are looking for a full body circuit training workout that will transform your physique look no further! Performance Circuit Training DVD is the best flexible approach when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. It has a one-on-one personal training session that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

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In this fitness workout DVD Geoff Girvitz, a certified personal trainer and also the director of Bang Fitness, will get you through two of the most individual dynamic circuits which will help you improve your posture, core strength and overall body composition while conditioning and toning the key muscle groups. The focus is directed towards helping you maintain the proper posture and avoid injuries. 

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is essentially a series of exercises performed in succession, or ‘vertically’, with a controlled amount of rest in between. This means that you perform one set of any exercise and move on to the next exercise until you have performed one set of each exercise. 

What Performance Circuit Training DVD Offers

The instructions on this fitness training DVD require only a handful of equipments and fitness props such as hand weights, resistance bands and a stability ball. Dynamic warm-ups and exercises are presented in a variety of difficulty levels which allows progression. By completing each circuit sessions you can develop a unique workout that will make your fitness routine interesting and fun. This is an interesting way to intrigue you in the circuit training workout sessions. For more information on your instructor read 'meet your instructor.' 

Contents of the DVD

  • Posture Correction
  • 9 Dynamic Warm up Exercises
  • Circuit 1 (10 minutes)
  • Circuit 2 (20 minutes) 

Benefits: Enhance metabolism, bust boredom, blast calories, tone muscles 

Meet Your Instructor

Geoff Girvitz, BA, ACSM PT, Personal Trainer, Director: Bang Fitness. As the Director of Bang Fitness, Geoff is proud to offer an outstanding training environment for both professional and recreational fitness enthusiasts. Geoff has never considered the gym to be an end itself. He sees it as an opportunity to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. According to Geoff, "Training for performance will not only teach you to find your limits, but redefine them."


  • Instructor: Geoff Girvitz
  • Media Type: Optical Disc
  • Number of Discs: 01
  • Main Language: English
  • Running time: 60 Minutes
  • Production: Fitness Republic and Digital 7 Productions

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    Michelle Caters - Friday, 31 October 2014

    I've been using Girvitz' DVD two to three times a week. I have lost about 10 lbs. and gone from a tight size 8 to a loose size 6. My body is tighter and more toned than it's been in a long time. I'm 46 and I considered hiring a personal trainer, but no need! Girvitz is my personal trainer now and I love this DVD.


    Jane Mac - Wednesday, 03 September 2014

    I cannot stop doing this DVD! I am pressed for time - but I find Girvitz gets right into the workout and sculpts / tones every part of my body - so far 10 pounds lost - and I think a lot of this is due to the DVD! (Ok diet too!)