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Performance Circuit Training DVD

"Performance Circuit Training" is a flexible approach to meeting your fitness goals, with a focus on proper posture and injury avoidance...

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Most of the beginners fear injury or question their workout routines. Am I doing it right? Will this routine aid my fitness? Am I maintaining the correct posture? "Performance Circuit Training DVD" is the best, flexible approach when it comes to meeting your fitness goals. Its focus is directed towards helping you maintain the proper posture and avoid injuries. In this circuit training DVD Geoff Girvitz, who is a certified personal trainer and also the director of Bang Fitness, leads you through two of the most individual dynamic circuits which will help you improve your posture, core strength and overall body composition while conditioning and toning the key muscle groups. Following the instructions on this circuit training DVD requires only a handful of equipments and fitness tools such as hand weights, resistance bands and a stability ball. Dynamic warm-ups and exercises are presented in a variety of difficulty levels which allows progress. By completing the circuit sessions you can create a unique workout that will make your fitness routine interesting and fun. This truly is a great and motivational way to help you get involved in your circuit training workout sessions. For more information on our instructor please read 'meet your instructor.'

Meet Your Instructor

Geoff Girvitz, BA, ACSM PT, Personal Trainer, Director: Bang Fitness. As the Director of Bang Fitness, Geoff is proud to offer an outstanding training environment for both professional and recreational athletes. Geoff has never considered the gym to be an end unto itself. He sees it as an opportunity to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injury. According to Geoff, "Training for performance will not only teach you to find your limits, but redefine them."

Equipment Used

Yoga mat
band set
Fit tube
Ball pump
Aerobic Step

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