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Fitness Republic Yoga Block is lightweight, offers height to your practice and requires minimal maintenance. It provides stability for optimal alignment, increased strength and deeper poses. . The smooth edges are easy to grip and comfortable.

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Foam yoga block assists beginners and advanced yogis into postures and stances that they would otherwise find difficult to do. The easy grip makes it easy to handle and also helps individuals feel comfortable while performing their exercises. With the help of yoga brick you can now stretch and strengthen your body without causing much strain to the other muscles. Moreover, exercise blocks provide more comfort and help improve alignment of the body.


What Yoga Brick Offers

The yoga gear foam wedge is essential for doing the asanas. Mainly used for keeping it under your heels while squatting or under the hips while doing forward bends. These foam wedges make the exercise easy and equally manageable. You can also use this block for yoga to avoid the overstretching or pressuring the joints in poses such as downward facing dog or upward bow.


Popular Exercises

  • Bridge pose
  • Half-moon pose
  • Child pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Hero pose


Safety Instructions

Always examine the Yoga block before use for defects that may cause the foam to break. If you find any flaws, discard the product and replace before performing any exercises.


  • Benefits: Achieve correct posture and body alignment for yoga poses; increases flexibility
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Warranty: 12 months

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    Cynthia Einstein - Monday, 23 June 2014

    My Yoga and meditation practices have been taken to new heights thanks to the addition of these Yoga Blocks, which are firm enough to stand on and comfortable enough to sit on for hip elevations. I received them promptly via "regular" ground shipping and even with shipping costs added in they were still cheaper than the blocks in stock at my local discount store.


    Jenny Lee - Monday, 23 June 2014

    These are good yoga blocks at a great price. It's nice to be able to do asanas more comfortably at home with the proper form with these blocks. I'm not very flexible, so these help me to keep proper alignment at home.


    Steve - Monday, 23 June 2014

    I am starting a yoga practice so outfitted myself and these blocks have been a wonderful addition, allowing me to learn to stretch by reaching down to the blocks or to sit on these as a cushion.