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Yoga Block / Yoga Brick

The Fitness Republic Yoga Block is a great addition to any yoga or fitness program. Use it to assist you in achieving the correct posture...

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The Fitness Republic Yoga Block assists you in achieving the correct posture and body alignment for yoga poses while increasing your body's flexibility. It strengthens your body during stretches and aligns the body without any strains. The yoga brick can also be used to increase or decrease the difficulty of yoga poses. Their smooth edges are not only easy to grip, but can also provide the required comfort. The fitness republic yoga block is light in weight, easy to carry along and requires very little maintenance. The yoga bricks are helpful in making oneself more comfortable with improving body alignment. These blocks are used to aid the execution of various yoga poses during your yoga routine. The blocks are helpful in providing stability and support to the body. The block not only enables you to perform difficult poses but can also be used under hands, feet or seat to intensify stretches safely and accomplish the right position. In the initial stages of learning, people are not so flexible and require the help of adjustable yoga brick. Yoga blocks are best for standing poses and can also be used in sitting postures.

Weight :

0.5 lb

Material/Ingredients :

Non-toxic, PVC-free, lightweight durable foam.

Benefits :

Achieve correct posture and body alignment for yoga poses; increases flexibility.

Warranty Type :


Warranty :

12 months

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