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Yoga Belt / Yoga Strap

The Fitness Republic Yoga Belt is a great addition to any yoga or fitness program. Use it to assist you in achieving the correct posture...

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The Fitness Republic Yoga Belt is designed to assist you and help you stretch into the correct posture while practicing different yoga poses. This is achieved by providing you the right amount of pressure and tension, required during each pose without straining your body. Made up of strong, durable and practical material, this yoga belt will help you stretch and modify poses according to your ability, regardless of your current strength, flexibility and potential. You can also use this yoga strap to stretch-out your legs and groin in special cases like the ones that involve putting one leg behind you. Loop the yoga strap around the foot that is behind you and pull the foot up with the strap. You can achieve a deeper stretch with the yoga belt than you would just hold the foot with your hand. The strap should easily connect one limb to another in a situation that might usually be a strain for you. Yoga straps are also very important accessories for yoga practitioners.

Why it's For You?

  • The yoga belt enables you to gain more from your yoga workout by allowing you to move into those extra positions maintaining the correct posture and balance without risking injury.
  • Yoga straps are excellent for beginners and for people who lack flexibility. Not flexible enough for yoga? The fitness republic yoga strap helps you bridge the gap by providing the extra length you need to complete yoga poses, enabling beginners to maintain proper posture during your yoga sessions.
  • You can stretch by using these straps and allowing them to function for extensions within your reach.

Weight :

0.5 lb

Safety Information :

Always examine the Yoga Belt and its buckle before use for tears and defects that may cause the belt to break. If you find any flaws, discard the product and replace before performing any exercises.

Benefits :

Increases reach, deepens poses and improves posture.

Warranty Type :


Warranty :

12 months

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