TPE Yoga Mat

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Thermal Plastic Elastomeric

Longing for a comfy yoga practice? Get a hold of Fitness Republic TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomeric)Yoga Mat available in multiple colors. TPE Yoga Mat is a premium yoga mat that provides excellent support and traction for your yoga practice. Enjoy the most comfortable and hygienic practice every time with this fitness mat and make your movements and postures more accurate.

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Hypoallergenic in nature, Fitness Republic non slip yoga mat is suitable for people with allergies, especially those with allergies to PVC and latex. It is a professional yoga mat which obstructs moisture from penetrating, and bacteria and other germs get no space to hoard or build up. The thick yoga mat offers superior cushioning which protects your joints and prevent injuries caused by a slippery surface. 

What Yoga Mat Offers

Ideal for yoga, Pilates and other floor exercises, yoga workout mat is made up of dense foam which features a non-slip grip for excellent traction. The amazing grip helps you achieve precision in poses and gives you a comfortable surface experience. The 4mm yoga mat is soft under your feet. 

Popular Exercises

  • Padangusthasana (Big Toe Pose)
  • Garudasana (Eagle Pose)
  • Malasana (Garland Pose)
  • Halasana (Plow Pose)
  • AdhoMukhaVrksasana (Handstand) 


Clean your Fitness Republic TPE Yoga Mat once a week, or whenever necessary. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Wipe the mat with cloth in suds or laundry powder solution. Then rinse with water and wipe remaining moisture off the mat with a towel or cloth. 

  • Benefits: Ideal for yoga, Pilates or other floor exercises. Free from toxins, PVC, latex and natural rubber. Biodegradable and recyclable
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Warranty: 12 months



Color Size
Yoga Mat 1/4 pink 68”(L)x24”(W)x6mm(H)
Yoga Mat 1/4 yellow 68”(L)x24”(W)x6mm(H)
Yoga Mat 1/8 Green 68”(L)x24”(W)x4mm(H)
Yoga Mat 1/8 Blue 68”(L)x24”(W)x4mm(H)



Weight: 1.95lb

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    Angela - Friday, 14 November 2014

    Duh, the company makes great mats and this is so different from what you see in most stores. I love the design as it doesn't necessarily look like a tye dye to me and I like the color considering my favorites are green and pink. Great length as always.


    Kevin - Monday, 10 November 2014

    Nice quality mat with a pretty design. Girlfriend loves it and it's gotten alot of use already.


    ISABELLA Fin - Saturday, 01 November 2014

    I know very little about yoga and this is the first yoga mat that I've ever purchased. That being said, I am happy with it.


    Rachel - Friday, 10 October 2014

    I am half and half about the mat I received. I love the fact that it is very ecologically friendly. I am half n half on the thickness of the mat, I got too used to having a thicker mat compared to a thinner one.


    Rosanne - Friday, 03 October 2014

    It doesn't contain much grip so I find myself slipping in the middle of downward dog. It is definately worth the money I paid for it.


    CHARLOTTE - Thursday, 19 June 2014

    I have had a fitnessrepublic mat for over a year, and I just bought this one as a replacement because my old one is getting worn after VERY consistent use for a year. I think that's a great value for about 12.99 bucks.