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Fitness Republic stability ball is a versatile piece of equipment that can help improve muscles and balance. This inflated fitness ball is comfortable to use during your fitness workouts. Available in different sizes and colors, the yoga ball is made of Anti-Burst High Quality Material which is generally heavy-duty and capable of supporting 400 pounds of weight. It is comfortable and gives you a good, firm support. We also offer hand pump along with ball.

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The large yoga ball can make any exercise more challenging yet fun. The exercise ball helps improve your flexibility, strengthen core muscles, and enhance balance and coordination. Moreover, the gym ball may lead to improved stability of the spine and reduce chronic back pain.


What Stability Ball Offers

Whether you do basic crunches for abs, elevated push-ups for triceps or bent knee bridge for buttocks and hamstrings, The 21 inch stability ball gives you a complete body workout at home or gym.


Popular Exercises

  • Pushup
  • Squat
  • Ball Dumbbell Press
  • Ball Hyperextension
  • Ball Biceps Curl - Standing


Safety Instructions

The maximum load capacity for the regular Stability Ball is 400 lb. Serious injury can occur when not used properly. Do not exceed the maximum or suggested weight capacity for your ball. Inspect your Stability Ball prior to each use. Stability balls are designed for indoor use only. Do not exceed the maximum or suggested weight capacity for your ball.


  • Benefits: Improves strength and muscle tone, builds core strength and improves balance.
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Warranty: 12 months

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    SOPHIA Michael - Thursday, 19 June 2014

    I just pumped this ball up all by myself with minimal effort, using the plastic pump that came free with the ball. A bunch of reviewers seem to feel this is too much trouble... people, it's an EXERCISE BALL! Work those flabby arms and pump it up yourself! It does not "take forever" .... it took me about seven minutes of continuous pumping, switching arms, and gave me a great workout. I am sitting on this ball as I type, it inflated fully without issue. Save your money and work those arms out.


    ELEANOR - Thursday, 19 June 2014

    The ball is accurately sized for me, and I checked before ordering which size I should get. The ball was easy to pump, took about 5 minutes, and i haven't had to repump it after 2 weeks of use. It is strong and durable and I have no fear of it bursting with my exercises. ...