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Which fitness tool fits into a briefcase and can be used by an entire family? Guesses… It improves cardiovascular health, tones muscles and simultaneously gives a great caloric output. Say hello to the Fitness Republic Skipping Rope; an excellent form of exercise that is fun, easy to do, and cost effective.

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Jumping rope is the fitness equipment that helps improve both your health and quality of life. It is the perfect way to shred fat. It is also categorized as a low impact exercise that strengthens your arms, shoulders, gluts and legs. The great thing about rope exercises is that you can control the intensity and duration of your workout almost anywhere.


What Skip Rope Offers

Featuring neoprene handles this nylon rope is a great way to improve body definition. Whether you are aiming to tone up or lose some centimeters, you can always use the fitness rope for cardiovascular and strength training. The speed jump rope not only works up your metabolism but also the legs, abs, arms and mind in a ballistic fashion – such as increasing strength, agility, speed, timing and rhythm.


Popular Exercises

  • Figure Eight
  • Single Jump
  • Step Touch
  • Double Jump
  • Jumping Jack


Safety Instructions

Always examine the workout rope before use for small nicks, tears, or punctures that may cause the band to break. If you find any flaws, discard the product and replace before performing any exercises.  The Skipping Rope is not a toy, nor is it intended for use by underage children.


  • Benefits: Aids in cardiovascular training, agility and muscle toning for your legs and arms
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Dimensions:  Rope length 300cm, dia 8mm.
  • Made Type: PVC rope with soft foam handles to make the grip comfortable
  • Weight: 0.8lb

By A. Keaton - Monday, 23 June 2014

I decided to start jumping rope again and I wanted to find a rope that was adjustable with the right length and weight. This rope is overall very good. It took a few days to straighten out properly but after that it was a pleasure using.


By Ulysses Parrish - Monday, 23 June 2014

This jump rope is very good and its very strong. I'm 5'9 and i really enjoy working out with this rope. I usually do 15-20 minutes with this jump rope everyday. It helps build stamina, and endurance. I recommend this jump rope because its good, and its long. its perfect for people around 5'9 to 6'2.


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