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Fitness Republic Resistance Band Set is a great addition to any fitness program. They are used for rehabilitation and therapy training including resistance training for postural and muscle performance impairments. Resistance bands come in variety of colors and resistances. Whether you are just starting an exercise routine or are an advanced athlete, you can always incorporate resistance bands into your workout sessions.

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Diversify your workout with multiple resistance band exercises. These fitness bands are incredibly simple yet extremely effective at working your muscles. Use workout bands to target your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt all at once. Resistance band workouts help reduce muscle fatigue. Get creative with Fitness Republic Resistance Bands and use them to both stretch and strengthen your muscles. 

What Resistance Band Offer

The stretch bands come in multiple resistance levels from light, medium to heavy. You can adjust the amount of resistance during an exercise just by giving more or less pressure on the band, as well as by combining multiple resistance exercising bands to increase the challenge. These exercise bands offer numerous workout benefits. With resistance band training you boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion and much more. 

Popular Exercises

  • Triceps Push-Up
  • Lateral Raise Combo
  • Skater Squats
  • X Wrap
  • Pelvic Push 

Safety Instructions

Always examine the resistance bands before use for small nicks, tears, or punctures that may cause the band to break. If you find any flaws, discard the product and replace before performing any exercises. Be sure the resistance bands are securely anchored to a sturdy object or attachment before using. Avoid exercises that involve stretching the band in such a fashion that it may snap toward the head and cause injury to the head or eyes. 

  • Benefits: Resistance training for postural impairments; Stretching exercises for muscle length impairments; Functional and sports-specific training for functional limitations.
  • Warranty Type: Manufacturer
  • Warranty: 12 months



Resistance Color Size
Light Green 1200x120x0.35mm
Medium Red 1200x120x0.5mm
Heavy Blue 1200x120x0.5mm





Weight: 0.5lb

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    Ed Stefan - Monday, 17 November 2014

    These bands are excellent. I got these bands to use with tapout xt workout. They work well and made well


    Molly D. - Wednesday, 10 September 2014

    My chiropractor had these bands at his office and some of my exercises included using bands so I bought some for myself. I use them everyday and I'm very happy with them!