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Push Up Bars

Fitness Republic Push-Up Bars are a great tool for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Comfortable foam grips provide a secure handle...

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Want to eliminate the pain from your wrists while doing pushups? Fitness Republic's Push-Up Bars is just what you need. Assembled with comfortable foam grips these pushup stands provide you with a secure handle which reduces the strain on your wrists which arises from doing pushups directly on the floor. This is achieved because the fitness republic pushup bars help you to neutralize the wrist angle resulting in less pressure that is applied to your joints. Without the pain, you are able to perform more push-ups than you normally would on the floor.

Eliminating the wrist pains isn't the only benefit; these bars increase your range of motion, allowing you to go deeper into the push-up. You can adjust these pushup stands to target your chest, triceps and shoulders in different ways. You can even place these pushup stands right against your ribs with your knuckles facing you to emphasize on the triceps. Place them wider than your shoulders and you get a greater emphasis on the fronts of your shoulders. For less emphasis on your chest and shoulders, while still accentuating the demand on your arm muscles, you can perform seated dips on the push-up bar as well. These are great for working the triceps muscles of the back of the arm. You can always search online to read more about advance routines practiced on a push up bar.




Place a foot of the Push-Up Bars into each end of a padded handle. The feet will line up perpendicular to the handle. Screw the wing nuts into the holes by each end of the handles, tightening them until the feet are firmly in place. Repeat for the second padded handle. Ensure all the wing nuts are securely screwed in so the Push-Up Bars are completely stable. Instructions are included with the purchase of your Push-Up Bars.

Safety Information:

The maximum load capacity for the Push-Up Bars is 265 lb or 120 kg. Inspect your Push-Up Bars prior to each use to ensure the base is securely fastened to the handle. Do not use bars if damaged or other defects are found. Discard and replace immediately. Do not attempt to repair damaged bars.


Achieve a larger range of motion and develop your chest, tricep and core muscles.

Warranty Type:



12 months

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