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Medicine Ball with Handles

Medicine ball with handles improve your core strength, joint flexibility and upper and lower body strength. Medicine ball with handles add variety to your workout session. whether it be boxing or cross training.

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Working out with an exercise ball? Need a better grip? The Fitness Republic's Medicine Ball with Handles is the answer to your problems. Working out on a workout ball with handles provides an excellent and firm grip. The handle attached enables you to clutch on to the ball, giving you a whole new training experience. Mostly, it is used for exercises that involve dynamic movement.

Why it's For You?

  • Its small size and portability makes them very easy to use, virtually anywhere.
  • Incorporating a medicine ball with handles into your exercise routine can add variety to your exercise and will boost the intensity of your workouts.
  • Working out on an exercise ball with handles will allow you an improved range of motion, core strength, coordination, joint integrity and flexibility with upper and lower body strength.

Some of the popular exercises and routines practiced on a workout ball with handles are:

  • Lunges with Oblique Twist
  • Wood chops
  • Medicine Ball Sit-Ups
  • Medicine Ball Jumping Jacks



Safety Information:

Do not use ball if damaged or other defects are found. Discard and replace immediately. Medicine Balls are designed for indoor use only. Children should only use the ball with adult supervision.


Medicine ball with handles develops muscular strength, endurance, power and stability.

Warranty Type:



12 months

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