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Folding Mini Trampoline

Upgrade your cardiovascular fitness routine by tagging in the durable Mini-folding Trampoline that goes anywhere. Stimulate metabolism and reduce chances of obesity with this portable trampoline.

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The Fitness Republic Folding Trampoline is an amazing fitness tool that can be used in any training or fitness program. The highly stable six-legged rebounder is used to execute a complete cardiovascular workout without the impact of any traditional cardio exercises. This mini trampoline can easily be folded in half for convenient storage and is easy to use anywhere at any given time. This makes the Fitness Republic folding Trampoline the best trampoline for a good cardiovascular workout. Rebounding exercise helps you manage and stabilize weight by improving your resting metabolic rate. The bouncing action quickens your pulse and works several muscle groups at once. Trampoline exercise is a worthy alternative to strength training in helping to reduce neck strain and injury in pilots.

Why it's For You?

  • Folding trampoline strengthens yours muscles and tones them while transporting fluids throughout the body; lightening the load on your heart.
  • Engages several muscle groups.
  • Your respiratory system works harder, even if you are only bouncing on the exercise trampoline, as you are forced to fight against the earth's gravitational pull.
  • Exercising on the mini trampoline also reduces stress, breaks down muscular holding patterns that house tension and as a result you get a clearer mental capacity for keener learning processes.
  • It stimulates the natural healing process by promoting tissue repair, offering a significant positive force healing minor injuries, degenerative ailments such as arthritis, and recuperation after injury or surgery.
  • Improves your balance and coordination, enhancing your motor skills and can help you build bone density.
  • Convenience: The folding trampoline can be easily stored.




Lay the folded Folding Trampoline on the floor. Grasping the upper half of the Folding Trampoline with one hand and the lower half with the other, fold the upper half down until the hinges snap into place and the trampoline lies flat. When unfolded properly with the hinges snapped down, the Folding Trampoline should lie completely flat on the ground.

Safety Information:

The maximum load capacity for the Folding Trampoline is 265 lb or 120 kg. Do not exceed the maximum or suggested weight capacity. Inspect your trampoline prior to each use. Folding Trampolines are designed for indoor use only.


A low-impact cardio exercise that improves your circulation and increases heart and lung capacity.

Warranty Type:



12 months

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