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Ankle Weights

Control your workout intensity by adding adjustable ankle weights to your daily routine. Tone glutes and build leg muscle with improved grip and easy to hook and loop closure.

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The Fitness Republic Ankle Weights are fitness tools that get fastened to your lower legs to create resistance while working out. These are the best ankle weights available. Ankle weights are used in walking or running to increase the intensity. These adjustable ankle weights are ideal for lower-body toning and aerobics. You can use ankle weights for strength training exercises, provided you execute the exercises in a proper manner. Easy to adjust, close or remove these ankle weights are a perfect addition to the aerobic step exercises. Having adjustable ankle weights gives you a new sense of comfort when padded. They are easy to use and can also be worn during normal house chores, that benefits your workout.

Ankle weights are a good way to strengthen other muscles in your body as well. If you attach ankle weights to your ankles before you perform a set of pull-ups, your arms and upper body muscles will have a greater amount of weight to lift up in each repetition. Therefore this helps to strengthen those muscles more than they normally would be.

Some of the popular exercises done with adjustable ankle weights are:

  • Leg lifts
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Glute kickbacks
  • Side leg raises
  • Leg extensions


8 lbs (4 lbs each)

Safety Information:

Inspect your Ankle Weights prior to each use to ensure there are no tears, rips or abrasions in the fabric, and that the fasteners are fully functional. Do not use weights if damaged or other defects are found. Discard and replace immediately.


Easy to use, padded and comfortable, compact for traveling.

Warranty Type:



12 months

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