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Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Diabetic friendly recipes from Fitness Republic present ideal low caloric dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With these homemade recipes, you can stay assured that your blood sugar level remains in check. Under the category of Diabetic food recipes, there is a range of healthy dishes for diabetic patients and all those trying to eat healthy.

However, a diabetic patient wants to reach out for recipes with lower glycemic index GI. Here you will find a list of diabetic friendly recipes that are easy to prepare and can become family favorites. We have modified and adapted several recipes according to the dietary requirements of diabetic patients because living with diabetes is not easy.
Those who have a tendency for this disorder can try some of these breakfast ideas or smart supper solutions. Find a whole new range of diabetic friendly recipes and maintain a library of your own. So plan your meals wisely and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not all diabetes friendly recipes are boring. We can pump tons of different flavors in all dishes from the traditional desserts to the conventional pastas. In fact, there is only a slight difference of ingredients, but the recipes are almost the same such that the readers can enjoy the goodness of authentic recipes. These diabetic food recipes will get you through all your meals while stabilizing the blood sugar levels.

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Submitted by: will   | 24 months ago.

Dried Fruit Scone Recipe is the most favorite of all, filled with delicious dried fruits. Give wonderful treat to your friends and family. Strawberry jam will be the best with Dired Fruit Scone Recipe.

Time Icon 2 minutes 10 minutes

Submitted by: Maureen Carreau  | 7 months ago.

Got diabetes and cant’ control your sugar cravings? Say, hey! To the pistachio pudding diabetic-friendly dessert. It’s a delicious treat, just for you.

Time Icon 05 minutes 00 minutes Serving 4 Persons

Submitted by: Maureen Carreau  | 7 months ago.

Tart and tangy grapefruit, orange and lime when mixed together, yield whopping contents of vitamin C, a vitamin that supports the immune system and puts the pep back in your step.This non-alcoholic margarita has a refreshing flavor to titillate your taste buds. It’s a delicious mocktail, low in calories and carbs making it an energy-packed, chilled and a slushy iced drink.

Time Icon 10 minutes 00 minutes Serving 8 Persons

Submitted by: will   | 25 months ago.

Are you looking for an Easy Grilled Shrimp Recipe as appetizer? here you go, the most delicious and unique Jumbo Shrimp Recipe, the taste which you will never forget.

Time Icon 20 minutes 7 minutes Serving 2 Persons

Submitted by: Dominic   | 22 months ago.

This Chicken with Green Beans Recipe is a classic Italian import. Put together with simple ingredients, it packs great taste and nutrition. Perfect as a fancy side dish with a formal meal or by itself for a light dinner, this recipe is sure to impress your friends and loved ones!

Time Icon 8 minutes 25 minutes Serving 5 Persons

Submitted by: Lee   | 28 months ago.

Chicken fajitas Recipe, a quick and easy to make recipe, just mix up boneless chicken with some vegetables, heat up quickly and wrap in lightly toasted flour tortillas. An easy grab-n-go snack for kids as well as adults.

Time Icon 30 minutes 20 minutes Serving 8 Persons

Submitted by: Nancy Barnes  | 33 months ago.

Crab meat is always appealing, in this Crab Pilaf recipe you'll experience the soft crab meat cooked with brown rice and leeks, aromatically seasoned with tarragon and lemon.

Time Icon 30 minutes 65 minutes Serving 6 Persons

Submitted by: Michael Charles  | 33 months ago.

This Cheese Biscuits recipe makes an interesting snack!! you can also use Parmesan cheese for an extra flavor. These cheesy flavored biscuits will be loved by your kids at any time.

Time Icon 10 minutes 15 minutes Serving 4 Persons

Submitted by: Jacob   | 32 months ago.

A simple and easy way to make turkey burgers! Mushroom Blue Cheese Turkey Burgers recipe, can be serve on toasted buns to complete a meal or as you like.

Time Icon 10 minutes 20 minutes Serving 4 Persons

Submitted by: James   | 28 months ago.

'Spiced Beef Recipe' has a wonderful aroma that attracts everyone. Beef marinated with sauces and light spices, tastes great on its own.

Time Icon 30 minutes 6 minutes Serving 4 Persons

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