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American Recipes

American Recipes
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Submitted by: Sue Sitki  | 14 months ago.

Yum – peppers! I adore them – cooked, raw… whatever – they are delicious. I decided to stuff these with some different ingredients today – usually I would use a grain (quinoa, rice…) but wanted something grain-free, so I came up with these. Lovely as a side dish (or a meal if you wanted to add a fresh salad or some grains…) and would be great done on a BBQ too! Enjoy!

Time Icon 05 minutes 15 minutes Serving 2 Persons

Submitted by: Sue Sitki  | 14 months ago.

I just love eggplant! My mother used to make it when I was a little girl and I’ve always enjoyed it. It begs to be cooked Mediterranean style with olive oil and balsamic… so tasty! The best part about this dish? It’s great chilled, too!

Time Icon 05 Minutes 20 Minutes Serving 2 Persons

Submitted by: Sue Sitki  | 15 months ago.

I love peaches! I especially love peach pie or peach crumble - but I try very hard not to indulge in such things - so instead, I whipped up this healthier, lower fat dessert that allows the taste of delicious peach to shine and adds a yummy crunchy topping. It's not a traditional style 'crisp' dessert but it jazzes up a plain peach with some extra crunch and makes for a very quick and easy dessert in a pinch! This would also be good with other fruits - bananas, blueberries... I think it would be fantastic if it started out with grilled peaches too! Of course, that would require a grill and longer than five minutes.

Time Icon 5 minutes 0 minute Serving 2 Persons

Submitted by: Maureen Carreau  | 17 months ago.

These decadent tasting brownies are rich enough to satisfy the strongest chocolate craving, yet they’re flourless, gluten-free, dairy free, low in sugar, and full of healthy, filling, protein rich, cholesterol reducing black beans! You must try this simple recipe, guaranteed no beany taste at all.

Time Icon 15 Minutes 1 Hour

Submitted by: Elizabeth Brown  | 35 months ago.

This is a refreshing punch that isn't as sweet as most. Make it on New year's eve party!!

Time Icon 10 minutes 0 Serving 20 Persons

Submitted by: Cody Rocks  | 24 months ago.

This dense and moist cake is a treat for all! It's amazingly scrumptious frosting is simply mouth-watering!

Time Icon 10 minutes 30 minutes Serving 8 Persons

Submitted by: Seth   | 23 months ago.

Hot chocoate is a warm and tempting drink, which can be enjoyed on a cold, wintery night. Perfect drink for a family who is enjoying their weekend watching movies together!

Time Icon 25 minutes Serving 14 Persons

Submitted by: Jacob   | 23 months ago.

These exquisite and tasteful ginger cookies are easy to bake and can be eaten at any time of he day. They are every kids favourite snack to munch on.

Time Icon 60 minutes 20 minutes Serving 5 Persons

Submitted by: Freddie   | 23 months ago.

This holiday dessert is an award winning, mouth watering, heavenly dish. When served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a person may be in eternal bliss!

Time Icon 10 minutes 60 minutes Serving 6 Persons

Submitted by: Freddie   | 23 months ago.

Chocolate ganache and crème fraîche on a pastry dish is delicious and scrumptious. One can serve it as a Thanksgiving dessert.

Time Icon 24 hours 40 minutes Serving 10 Persons

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