Rasayanas are wonder drugs that are considered immune system boosters. They impact your health positively by enhancing your general wellbeing, increasing natural immunity and improving the functioning of organs of the body. They also carry anti aging properties.

Rasayanas the immune system drugs hold a prime position in Ayurveda. The immune boosting properties of this ayuvedic drug deals with maintaining body functions including vitality of the brain.

Immune System Drugs

Rasayanas according to tradition are based on foods and herbs and have been divided into the following groups:

Herbs and plants: aamla (emblica officinalis), guduchi (tinospora cordifolia), nagbala (grewia hirsuta) harad (terminalia chebula), ashwagandha (withania somnifera)

Natural resources: loha (iron), shilajit (black bitumen), mukta (pearl), rajat (silver), swarn (gold), tamra (copper), praval (coral ore)

Food ingredients: desi ghee (clarified butter), cow’s milk, honey

Ayurveda medicinal formulation: Chyawanprash, abhya rasayana, bhrama rasayana, amrita rasayana, punarnava rasayana etc.

Immune System Medication

The immune system medication rasayanas is a conjunction of two words rasa and ayanas. Rasa means humor of the body and ayanas stand for source. The translation of rasayanas is therefore as follows: the source of all the body humors.

Wonder Drugs’ Benefits

Here are the benefits of rasayanas:

  • Perhaps the only wonder drugs which can be taken safely for a long duration even in a healthy state with no contradictions or side effects.
  • Rasayanas enable your body to develop its own defensive mechanism against disease or vital energy.
  • Rasayanas acts as both brain and body tonic strengthening the immune system of the body.
  • The Rasayanas are supposed to strengthen Oja and Bala, that is, vitality and biostrength with natural resistance against disease and aging.

Rasayanas Types

The immune system medication has been categorized in two basic types:

Dravaya Rasayana: This rasayana therapy includes some food and herbs types which are beneficial for the optimal functioning of the brain as well as the body. Dravaya Rasayana expands into four types:

Age promoting rasayanas: Some diets and herbs are known to be of great help in providing stability to vitality, life and stamina by aiding the mind fatigue and body. This type of rasayanas provides sweetness to the voice, glow to the skin and virtually enhances the lifespan of an individual.

Brain power enhancing rasayanas: Regular consumption of cow’s milk and clarified butter is an effective brain tonic. To increase the mental power of intelligence and memory herbs like vacha, bramhi and other ayurvedic medicinal formulations such as bharma rasayana are taken for long periods. Guduchi rasayana is intellect promoting which promotes powers of concentration, grasping, retention and also fight mental fatigue.

Disease combating rasayanas: Specific rasayanas are prescribed to people suffering from particular diseases. It is said disease combating rasayanas can eradicate sicknesses from its roots. For instance, bhallataka is used for skin and leprosy and pippali for respiratory conditions.

Eyesight promoting rasayanas: Aamalki rasayana provides clear vision and also aids in improving decreased eyesight.

Adravya Rasayana: This Rasayana therapy does not have any conventional use of medicines. Adravya therapy works in accordance to the science of naturopathy. Man and nature are regarded to be maintaining optimum similarities.

Rasayanas are similar to dietary approach, they have to be used on a regular basis for long term results. Don’t put your entire trust in rasyanas thinking its practice is like magic bullets and can heal you in a day’s span. However, people have experienced noticeable results in a few weeks and even less.