Bone density refers to the amount of mineral found in a specific area of bone. Therefore, the higher the mineral density, one enjoys a reduced risk in suffering the perils of weak bones like fractures and Osteoporosis. Your diet plays a vital role as your diet is the main mean through which you can supply your bones with specific kinds of food to increase bone density. These foods need to be rich in Vitamin D and Calcium. In this Article we will lay out all the foods that can increase bone density! So read on!

Foods Rich in Calcium

Calcium rich foods are crucially important for overall bone healthy and for increasing bone density! Calcium is a mineral that is needed throughout your life in order to keep, maintain healthy and stong bones. The best food sources of Calcium are Dairy products which include Milk, Cheese and Yogurt however those who are lactose intolerant might be finding it a hard task to get calcium into their bodies. Not to fret, there are many other calcium rich food sources other than dairy products! This includes dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and broccoli. Even sea food which include oily fish such as salmon (with bones) and Sardines are good sources of calcium! Not only this but some breakfast cereals and even orange juice contain some levels of calcium that can be beneficial to you!

Vitamin D

Calcium would be no good in your body without Vitamin D! Vitamin D is as crucially important as calcium as this vitamin helps your body absorb calcium! Vitamin D can be attained through sun, food and supplements  Certain foods are also advised to consume in order to get your daily recommended intake of Vitamin D to preserve Bone health and increase bone density. These foods include Egg yolks, cod, liver, tuna, salmon, mackerel, cod liver oil, Vitamin D fortified milk, soy milk and various cereals!


Vitamin D may not be such an easy vitamin to attain in the body as sun exposure is not enough and many might not come across eating foods rich in Vitamin D. whatever the reason may be, there is another mean though which you can get your daily dose of this vitamin, and this include taking supplements! Consult your doctor whether you need to take supplements for both Vitamin D and Calcium!

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables help increase bone density by shifting acids and base balances in the body, this process produces a substance called Bicarbonate in the body. This very compound helps reduce calcium loss and encourages bone health and density! Therefore it is important to have a balance diet that includes your healthy veggies!

Dairy Products

Dairy products are the major source of calcium as discussed above which help increase bone health and density as well as make your teeth stronger! Cheese such as Swiss cheese and cheddar cheese are high in calcium as well as milk and yogurt!