They’re magical, miraculous molecules that have the power to fight cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by getting rid of the damaging effects of harmful free radicals. They are antioxidants.

No wonder antioxidants are all the rage. However, the obvious question which arises is which foods have the highest concentration of this molecule? Well, according to Norwegian and US scientists the top 10 foods with the highest antioxidant content are:


In addition to being a goldmine of antioxidants, blackberries are rich in Vitamin C and folic acid – all of this for zero fat! Yes, it’s true; blackberries are fat-free
Another great fact about blackberries is that you can easily preserve them throughout the year. This can be done by covering the blackberries with a blend of sugar and ascorbic acid. However, it is strongly advised to boil your blackberries very lightly and then freeze them – without any sugar


Artichokes are a great source of the essential mineral iron. They aid in reducing bowel upsets and allow helpful bacteria to thrive in your gut
The best way to eat artichokes is by cooking them for 20 minutes with some lemon, bay leaves and salt


This delicious fruit can be eaten all day long without a care due to its low-fat characteristic. Another reason to eat strawberries all day is because of their richness in antioxidants. It’s always better to purchase the organic produce


Cranberries offer multiple health benefits in addition to being a strong antioxidant. For example, a major health advantage is their anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent and treat infections such as those that occur in the urinary tract

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice provides the same benefits as cranberries – antioxidants, fighting infections and anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin C. The only difference is that you can drink greater quantities of this fruit in its juice form as opposed to eating it


This fruit is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants – definitely a fruit to include in your diet!


Blueberries are another berry that makes the top 10 list! They are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C and are capable of aiding in the prevention of liver cancer and helping with cholesterol problems


Nuts in general have high antioxidant content; however, walnuts are clear winners! Moreover, they’re cholesterol-free, high in omega-3 fatty acid, low in sodium and happen to be delicious!
Caution! It is very healthy to eat walnuts, but in moderation. It is easy to overeat nuts without realizing it. A handful is more than enough


It may come as a shock but its true – cloves are a super food that happens to be bursting with antioxidants! Make sure to include cloves in your cooking to add a healthy touch

Grape juice

Grape juice should be consumed for oh-so-many health related reasons! Studies reveal that grape juice is overflowing with antioxidants, helps balance cholesterol levels, is low in fat, promotes healthy skin and has anti-inflammatory properties