If the title of this piece created images of greasy, double stacked burgers and decadent, triple layered chocolate cakes, your concept of unhealthy foods needs to be revamped. Right away!
Here’s our list of the top ten unhealthiest foods of all times. It doesn’t get any worse than this.

Breakfast Cereals

If you’re staring at the screen with your mouth wide open in shock, you’re not the only one! According to researchers, the cereals may have started off as nutritious whole grains, but by the time they are packaged and stocked at your local supermarket, they are not only crammed with high levels of refined salt and sugar, but are also wholly devoid of nutrients! So much for claiming to make you strong and fit! We recommend that you switch to other, more nutritious breakfast options. As far as cereals are concerned, you’re better off without them!


Margarine manufacturers may claim that their product is virtually cholesterol free, and subsequently get away with it with ingenious product labeling techniques, but that definitely does not change the fact that margarine is detrimental to health! How do you think margarine is made into a spreadable substance? Why, through processing of course. And that same processing is what infuses margarine with a truckload of trans-fat. Ironically, trans-fat affects the body in the same manner as cholesterol- it elevates the cholesterol and damages the lining of the arteries.


Doughnuts:  those delicious, addictive treats that you just can’t get enough of.  You may want to tone down that love for doughnuts though, according to health researchers, ‘the only thing good about them in the hole!’ Doughnuts are essentially a concentrated amalgamation of refined flour, sugar, artificial flavors, partially hydrogenated oil and mammoth quantities of trans-fat. That’s a lethal combination, one that you should keep yourself away from!

Artificial Sweeteners

Many people have taken to regularly using artificial sweeteners as a healthier alternative to sugar. What do health consultants have to say about that? Artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar. And that is a grave understatement. Artificial sweeteners, when broken down by the body, produce toxic substances that have adverse effects on the body. These effects include depression, anxiety attacks, asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia, weight gain and in extreme cases, vision loss and blood sugar problems.

Soy Protein

Found in vegetarian ‘non meat’ and processed products, soy protein is considered as a suitable alternative to eating meat without depriving the body of essential nutrients. However, health consultants state that soy protein is a processed food, and the intense processing procedures all but eliminate all of the useful proteins that your body needs! This isn’t healthy food; it is the personification of unhealthy food that your body shouldn’t be exposed to!

Potato Crisps

We all love them, but we just can’t ignore that nagging voice at the back of our heads telling us again and again that crisps may be delicious, but they are on the top ten list for a reason! Potato crisps are prepared in extremely hot oil which encourages the formation of toxic compounds. Some crisps, tested by the World Health Organization, were found to contain elevated levels of acrylamide, a cancer causing agent! And here’s something that will really put you off crisps for good, the oil used for cooking is re-filtered and reused numerous times before it is finally thrown out for good!

Diet Foods

Yes, believe it or not, the same food items that promise to get you in shape in no time are on our list of the unhealthiest food items you could possibly consume. Those who have tried diet foods can vouch for the fact that they do not yield the promised results. Fat makes food taste good, and if a food item claims to be diet-food, then that means that it is free from any fat content. But that’s a good thing, right? Wrong! To make the food taste good, manufacturers cram the diet food with all the things you shouldn’t be consuming if you’re trying to lose weight including artificial sweeteners, salt, fructose and sugar. Stay away from deceptive diet foods, eat fresh fruits instead!

Processed Meats

Processed meats, including food items such as hot dogs, pepperoni and bacon, contain a compound known as sodium nitrite, a compound that can yield cancerous effects on the body’s cells. Research indicates that those who regularly consumed processed meats have a frightening 67% greater chance of contracting pancreatic cancer as opposed to those who consumed little or no processed meat products!

Canned Soup

It’s handy, appetizing and bad for health! Canned and packaged soups contain mammoth quantities of salt (about a 1000 mg per cup), Trans fat and artificial substances. Reduce the risk of suffering from high cholesterol and a spate of other health issues and sidestep that canned soup aisle when you go grocery shopping. It’s for your own good!

Refined Flour

White refined flour and the pasta are food items that you should try to avoid as much as possible. These food items lack the essential vitamins and minerals that are present in whole wheat. Incorporate whole grain, organic food items into your diet plan to benefit from a marvelous treasure trove of nutrients.