Sighing at the sight of all your favorite dishes and counting the calories almost on instinct, overlooking the delicious aroma of all the alluring mouth-watering dishes you want to instantly pop in to your mouth, and promising yourself tomorrow is the day you will step on to that treadmill and run like a hamster on a spinning wheel to shed those extra pounds, are dilemmas we all have confronted countless time!

Here’s something that will make your life easier! What if we are to tell you, you can eat and lose weight all at the same time? That is no mumbo jumbo! Certain foods have fat burning potential, and just by incorporating the best fat burning foods to your daily diets you can enjoy all your favorite dishes in peace and zero guilt! The 10 best fat burning foods handpicked and listed below have miraculous and tremendous fat burning potential!

Generous Green Tea

Say hello to green tea and get rid of all those sugar laden calorie infested drinks that are good with flavor but can make you bloat in no time! Green tea consists of the antioxidant EGCG which has the potential to burn calories all throughout the day! Making green tea your most preferred drink is not only good for losing weight but has the added benefits of preventing cancer and maintain appropriate cholesterol levels!

Healthy, Olive Oil

Interestingly olive oil is a fat. However, it is fat burning fat! How so you may wonder? Olive oil is consistent of monounsaturated fat which burns the fat laden in our body.  Olive oil also has the added strength of lowering cholesterol! Replacing vegetable or butter oil with olive oil does not only prove to be the safest bet at food aiming to burn fat but has supplementary advantages too!

Wholesome, Whole Grain

Bread, rice and pastas are basic food types that can be goldmines of nutritious fiber. However, you must be careful and distinguish between the white kind and whole grain kind in order to see a difference in your weight, as white breads, rice and pastas are mostly sugar. This sugar burns up very quickly in the body and encourages fat storage, whereas the nutritious fiber housed in whole grains cleans up the arteries and digestive system and provides effective slow burning energy! Whole grain is one of the most recognized foods for burning fat.

Fantastic Fish

Jam-packed with the good kind of fat and a chockfull of proteins, the delicious salmon or tuna rank high in our list of top ten foods for burning fat! Furthermore, being loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, fish not only helps in burning fat but also flushes cholesterol out of your arteries and acts as a super immune system booster!  

The Brave Broccoli

Broccoli or for that matter most green veggies are super foods when it comes to substantiating weight loss! High fiber, zero fat, plenty of vitamins and amazingly low in calories, broccoli is a miracle worker when it comes to weight loss. The fiber works in boosting the metabolism which in turn speeds up the fat burning process and helps shed all those extra pounds, emerging as one of the best foods in burning fat!

Juicy Apples and Luscious Berries

Apples and berries are known to contain a certain chemical called ‘pectin’. Pectin puts a threshold limit on the amount of fats the cells can absorb and helps in removing fat deposits. Apples and berries garner a vast number of health benefits, and have proven to be one the healthiest snacks to nibble on without the scare of putting on weight!

Low Fat Dairy Products

Low fat dairy products such as skim milk and low fat yoghurt are encumbered with deposits of calcium and protein. Calcium and protein help the body metabolize fat. Caution! Make sure you consume the low fat or the fat free kind, otherwise instead of decreasing; the fat deposits in the body will start increasing at an unmentionable rate!

Lean Cut Chicken

All kinds of meat are rich in protein. However, chicken contains the lowest fat and cholesterol content minus the skin of course which stands for the complete opposite! White meat requires a lot of energy in order for it to get digested properly, hence, burning more fat content and a higher number of calories in the process.

Brilliant Beans

Full of fiber and containing zero fat, beans are also high in protein. Beans that are most efficient in burning fat include kidney beans, lima beans, white beans and navy beans. Beans work towards cleaning out and keeping the digestive system efficient and working to its fullest potential!

Spice It Up!

Various researches have shown for spicy foods to be an immense metabolism booster. Every time you break into a sweat when consuming spicy food is evidence of an overtime working metabolism! Certain spices such as cayenne pepper has been documented to reduce fat and burn fat at the same time, while reducing inflammation an protecting against problems such as that of arthritis! Not only does spicy food happen to great at burning fats, it also offers other health benefits!