For a very long time, athletes have looked for dietary supplements to boost their performance and enhance their stamina n the playing field. And for the longest time, companies making such supplements have been claiming that their products are innovative and the most effective kind. However, studies and research have determined that the three best choices regarding supplements for athletes are Caffeine, Protein and Creatine. The amount of dietary supplements that need to be consumed obviously varies from athlete to athlete and therefore, they should be taken after getting guidance from an expert.

Protein Powder:

The basic function of this dietary supplement is to increase the amount of protein in your diet. Supplementing their diet with this powder is beneficial to athletes of all sports. This is due to the fact that it is a healthy yet fast and effective way to meet the calorie count you need while trying to bulk up for a competition. Not only that, but since protein helps in muscle generation, this dietary supplement works towards repairing the damage done to muscles due to heavy weight lifting and intensive workouts. As a result the time that your muscles need to recover before the next workout is also decreased and thus you can build up your body faster. However, protein powder has been known to be harmful for those people who have problematic renal and digestive systems and as a result a doctor should always be consulted before consuming it.


Creatine is a chemical substance which is naturally found in our body and its job is to release and produce energy during intense activities. Research done by the American College of Sports Medicine has shown that taking dietary supplements containing creatine increase the natural stores already present in our body. This increases the body’s ability to generate incredibly high amounts of energy in bouts during competitions. This characteristic is very useful for athletes who play sports like football or partake in bodybuilding. However, it is not recommendable for people who have urinary tract issues or asthma to take creatine dietary supplements and they should take medical advice before doing so.


Commonly found in coffee, tea and chocolate, caffeine is known to be a very common supplement. However, apart from giving us our early morning boost, caffeine can also be used as a supplement for athletes. For it to be used for supplementary purposes, caffeine concentrated pills need to be ingested. Although this has known to have caused an effective increase in the performance of endurance athletes, those partaking in high intensity competitions do not find caffeine to be a very useful dietary supplement. Supplementary caffeine should not be used by those athletes who may be susceptible to insomnia or problems of the digestive system.

Other important supplements:

Although these three are known to be the most commonly consumed and the most effective dietary supplements for athletes, there are a few others which have also been known to have positive effects such as

Multivitamins and Minerals:

These basically regulate your metabolic system converting he food you consume into usable energy to enhance your performance. Apart from that vitamins of the antioxidant variety help to repair the oxidation damage to muscles after an intense workout.


Glutamine is one of the important supplements for athletes. Intensive workouts have been known to decrease glutamine in an athlete’s body which weakens their immune system. As a result, they need to take glutamine dietary supplements to avoid being susceptible to disease.


This dietary supplement is essential for ensuring that your joints work well because it helps in the production of the cartilage that helps joints function and for reducing inflammation after a workout.