Eggs truly are remarkable foods which are home to a number of nutrients! Eggs are a great source of Protein and are also rich in the unique substance called Choline. Eggs also consist of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and even Selenium and are an extremely high source of Antioxidants. Not to forget, eggs are a remarkable diet food as they are extremely low in calories! All of these qualities have earned eggs the title of a ‘power food’.  However, the list goes on!

Promotes Eye Health

Eggs are indeed very good for eye sight and even overall eye health. This is all due to the carotenoid, called lutein found in eggs which help in preventing cataracts and Macular Degeneration caused by declining age. However, that is not all. Eggs also contain Zeaxanthin which is another compound excellent for the eyes.

Boosts Brain Health

Eggs are also an amazing food to eat in order to boost up your mental health! Eggs contain a compound called choline which is the particular compound responsible for this remarkable benefit. The body does make this compound, however it is not enough to supply to our diet and therefore eggs are recommended on a daily basis. Choline is important for maintain our mental health and for our brain function as choline is the key component in the cell membrane for fat containing structures which completely rely on satisfactory supplies of Choline.

Prevents Blood Clots!

You can help prevent heart attacks and even heart diseases by simply eating one egg a day. This is because by eating eggs, you can help prevent blood clots which can further help you prevent many other ailments. The yolk in egg contains proteins which help prolong the process of fibrinogen (a protein found in blood) to fibrin. There these proteins basically act as anti-clotting yolk proteins which impede the formation of blood clots.

Lowers Inflammation

Research conducted shows that those with a diet rich in Choline, usually through the means of eggs or beans, are shown to have a reduction in the average inflammation markers by about 20 % than those who do not have a Choline rich diet.

Good for Overall Heart Health

Eggs are also extremely healthy for the heart as they contain an abundance of nutrients. Eggs contain a range of vitamin B’s which help convert the harmful blood vessel damaging compound, Homocysteine into nonthreatening substances. Another B vitamin found in eggs include Vitamin B12 which that is a very important Vitamin which also helps contribute in the process of making harmful substances like homocysteine into other safer molecules.

Promotes Healthy Cholesterol

Eggs are very high in Cholesterol which often scares people into not eating this food. Eggs have also received a bad reputation because of the accusation that they can be health threatening due to its high cholesterol content; however now it is time to put these false statement to rest. Eggs are not at all unhealthy. If anything, people need to start consuming this food more often as this only increases your health HDL Cholesterol and not the unhealthy LDL cholesterol. In fact research conducted proves that your LDL cholesterol profile remains untouched with the consumption of eggs and only your levels of HDL cholesterol increase.