It is now well after the holidays and we are way into the New Year but everyone seems to be perpetually groggy and in a ‘food coma’. It feels like a perpetual hangover, one in which you can’t get your body to function normally no matter what. The best solution to this problem is resetting your biological clock. Research has shown that the overeating at odd hours that is characteristic of the holidays brings about a disturbance to the food clock of the body. As a result of this, the sleeping patterns as well as other routines that the body may be used to are disturbed making you unproductive and lazy at all times. Here is an overview of how resetting your biological clock can help you come out of the holiday reverie and start functioning properly again.

How do the Holidays disturb your Food Clock?

Resetting your biological clock isn’t just a solution required by holiday snacking similar symptoms are experienced by people who work nights, late night snackers or those who are jetlagged. This problem has best been explained by researchers at University of California, San Francisco. They explain that our body clock is programmed in a way so that it makes the most of the food we eat. This clock has control over all the mechanisms which are related to this process for example when the nutrients will be absorbed and how they will be assimilated into the blood stream. The clock is also programmed to anticipate our food consumption so that it starts turning some processes on and off when it is time for us to eat. This is why you often experience hunger pangs when it is lunch hour. Scientists state that the food clock can be rest over time if food patterns change, or if the human starts to over eat and eat at odd hours. Since this is one of the prime characteristics of the holiday season with the late night parties and the sleeping in, the body clock gets reset. Thus when you go back to eating and sleeping properly after the holidays, your body is used to other routines and doesn’t function properly.

How to Get Back on Track

Resetting your biological clock is no easy task. The food clock is not connected to the brain but it functions on feedback that is collected from different spots and sensors all around the body. Possibly the only way you can reset your clock back to normal is by adopting  a healthy schedule which helps your body come back to normal eating routines without putting too much pressure on it. Eat small meals throughout the day so they body is not deprived of nutrition at the times when you used to eat previously.