Humans need it. Animals need it. Plants need it. It is a necessity for every living organism. What is it? Yes; Water!

Water is not only transparent liquid that quenches our thirst to its fullest potential. It is indeed, a means of survival and a basic necessity, but that’s just the beginning of the story! Water garners tons of health benefits and there is no denying that list. This essential means to survival is greatly underappreciated for the health benefits it musters. But at the same time all the talk on water has led us to believe quite a lot of junk which only qualifies as myths about water not facts about water! 

Here are some interesting facts on water and a few myths that will make you gasp in disbelief, considering you’ve been taking these myths as facts all this time!

Facts about Water!

Here are what we think to be the top 5 interesting facts about water!

Fact # 1- Weight Loss!

Water is a very effective hunger suppressant, and that is one fact about water you may have realized by now. In fact, it sits right at the peak of the list! The brain does not possess the ability to differentiate between water and hunger. So when you think you are hungry, you might actually just be thirsty instead! If you don’t drink the right amount of water you may be tricked to think its food you’re craving and that’s how the calories start loading up! Furthermore, water is quite filling. Drinking an adequate amount of water will ensure you don’t feel hungry and will prevent you from putting on any extra unnecessary weight. Moreover, research has documented for water to boost the metabolism, helping in burning those calories at a faster pace!

Fact # 2- Headache Relief!

Many reasons can be responsible for headaches. However, one of the most common and primary reasons to this dilemma is lack of water, that is, dehydration. Consuming adequate amount of water will not only keep that body clean but also work towards relieving headaches and feelings of tiredness.

Fact # 3- Fatigue at its Lowest!

Here’s an interesting fact about water: Water helps flush out all the unwanted pollutants and toxins from the body.  If your body does not possess a sufficient amount of water, the heart will have to bear more strain when pumping oxygenated blood to the heart and the other organs. This in turn, will cause for the heart and the rest of the vital organs to feel exhausted. Ultimately, the organs are fatigued and so are you.

Fact # 4- Glowing Skin!

Water leads to healthy skin, that is a staunch fact about water, not a myth! Water is an essential agent in keeping your skin moisturized, increasing skin elasticity and replenishing skin tissues. All of these important functions can only be fulfilled if the skin is hydrated. Water is your call to hydration!

Fact # 5- For the Benefit of Digestive Health!

Water and fiber go hand in hand when it comes to ensuring healthy bowel movements. Water helps raise the metabolism and aids digestion. Some evidence as concluded by certain researchers’ states that water can also help relieve constipation by softening the stool and helping the food eaten move out of the intestinal tract. Problem such as heartburns and bloating too are said to be handled by water intake. Lemon water can be a miracle worker, allowing for the bowels to get rid of waste and by-products more efficiently. It also allows the liver to produce more bile, which in turn helps to digest foods and dissolve gallstones.

Myths about Water!

Now for some myths about water that may have passed as facts! Here are our top 5 water myths that rest assured will surprise you!

Myth # 1!

Countless of times we have been told not to drink water in between meals as it hinders the process of digestion. Well, that is an absolute myth about water! There is no evidence as to water hindering digestion it may fill up your appetite.

Myth # 2!

It is believed that water is completely harmless and you can drink it in limitless amounts and face no health hazards! That is an absolute water myth. Research shows excessive consumption of water can lead to a lack of salt content in the body. Excessive water can over work the kidneys, causing a life-threatening concern called water intoxication, which dilutes the blood sodium in the body and makes it difficult for the kidneys to excrete excess water out the body as urine, in time!

Myth # 3!

It is wrongly believed that we should consume more water during work outs, as working out increases chances of dehydration. That is entirely a water myth, as the body gets dehydrated when it loses two percent of body weight! Staying hydrated all throughout the day is the way to go, not just during a workout.

Myth # 4!

One of the most ridiculous water myths has to be that water can cause cancer!! Some absurd viral messages all over the internet at one point infiltrated the minds of people on how cold water can coagulate fats, which adhere to the walls of the intestine, leading to cancerous growth!