Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world today with developed countries like the USA which are racked with obesity falling prey to this disease more often than others.

However, people with diabetes need not be very worried about themselves. Being a victim of diabetes does not in any way mean that they need to change their lifestyle completely and start tiptoeing their way around life as most people with a disease to, afraid to harm their bodies in some way. Diabetes patients must realize that if you know how to manage diabetes, a few simple tweaks in your lifestyle to take it towards a healthier direction can help you live your life completely normally even while suffering from this disease. In order to help you manage diabetes, here are some of the simple changes in your exercise and eating habits that you will need to adopt.

Knowing your Basics:

The first thing that will help you manage diabetes is knowing the basics of it. Taking care of yourself becomes much easier when you know what kind of a disease you are dealing with and the specific demands it makes off your body. There are two basic distinctions that should help you get started with learning about diabetes, a condition whereby which your blood glucose is too high. These are:

  • Type 1 diabetes: In this case, there is no production of insulin in the body, insulin being the hormone which helps digest glucose to release energy. People with type 1 diabetes need to take insulin every single day.
  • Type 2 diabetes: The most common form of diabetes, this means the body either can’t make or can’t utilize the insulin being made. They may need to take insulin pills.

Managing your Diet:

Controlling your diet in order to manage diabetes is what is known as medical nutrition therapy. This diet needs to be planned in a way that rather than restricting you from anything, it aims to maximize the nutritional value and minimize the fat and calorie content. In order to do this, it capitalizes on fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Here are the essential components that need to be included in the diet you plan to manage diabetes:

  • Healthy carbohydrates: Digestion brings about a breakdown of the sugars and starches in carbohydrates resulting in the formation of glucose. Make sure your diet consists of healthy carbohydrates which provide glucose but not excessive amounts of fat and calories. Examples of these are fruits and vegetables as well as legumes.
  • Fiber rich foods: Foods rich in fiber such as whole bran products, and nuts help to keep the digestive system healthy protect you from heart related diseases and control your blood glucose levels healthy as well.
  • Heart healthy fish: Fish like cod and halibut which are rich in omega 3 should be eaten at least twice a week. This is because they are much healthier options than red meat, keeping your weight in check which is an important factor in helping you manage diabetes.


For diabetes patients, exercising is a compulsion. Work out three to four times each week with each session lasting 30 to 40 minutes long. These sessions should be a combination of aerobic and non aerobic exercises that are according to your body type and what all it can stand. Exercise helps keep your blood sugar low and prevents you from gaining weight, both factors which directly affect how you manage diabetes.