Are You Clueless About Your Unhealthy Habits? The answer to that is a definite yes! ‘But I’ve been cutting down on those regular fast food meals, and I’ve all but eliminated desserts from my diet!’ Your efforts to become healthy notwithstanding, there are other rather subtle health mistakes that you commit on a daily basis, and have no inkling about! These health mistakes are the reason for your slow but gradual weight gain. And if you’ve been trying to drop a few pound, these health mistakes are the reason that your progress isn’t as phenomenal as you would like it to be. Health mistakes that you are well aware of are preferable because you can come up with a game plan to control and mange them. But with health mistakes that surreptitiously slip their way into your daily routine, there’s not much you can do until and unless you find out that what you considered to be a harmless part of your lifestyle, actually has potentially unhealthy repercussions.  It’s still not too late to eradicate those health mistakes and tweak your lifestyle to accommodate healthy habits! So let’s start weeding out those health mistakes right away!

Drinking Packaged Juices

And by that we don’t mean drinking alcohol. You might think that certain store-bought beverages are actually good for you, but don’t take those appealing advertisements at face value. There’s a lot more sugar and calorie action than you think! So sidestep those store-bought beverages and opt for fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or even plain water will do.

Skipping Breakfast

You might be pressed for time in the morning, and those few minutes can seem so precious but running out of the house without breakfast is setting the stage for some major sugary and fatty food consumption later on in the day. Wake up a bit earlier than normal in the morning, and kick-start your day with a healthy breakfast. You’ll notice the positive change in your eating pattern right away!

Depriving Your Body of Sleep

You have a major deadline to meet, and sleep seems like a luxury that you can very well do away with for the time being. Thinking of sleep as a luxury is where you take the wrong step. Sleep isn’t only for resting, your body needs sleep to successfully complete some very important bodily functions. Did you know that chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and a shorter life span? Do yourself a favor and call it a night an hour early today!

Not Having Enough Sex

You might not feel like getting frisky under the sheets tonight, but making the first move will not only pleasantly surprise your better half, but will also do wonders for your health. Sex not only brings the spark back into your relationship, but it also strengthens your immune system, eradicates stress, releases and relieves tension from your muscles!

Too Much Sunscreen

We’re not saying that you should chuck your sunscreen out the window, but every time you step out of the house with the sunscreen slathered on your face you’re depriving your body of vitamin D. Vitamin D deprivation can lead to numerous deficiency diseases that can compromise on your health and immunity. Just 15 minutes in the sun without sunscreen is enough to supply your body with its daily dose of Vitamin D.