Fresh bites of goodness, sprouted lentils are a delight when added to soups and salads. These delicious miniscule food items charge high on nutritional value. Commanding great sources of vitamins, fiber, carbs and proteins, sprouted lentils are not only a delight to the taste buds, but also to general health!

Nutritional Value - Sprout Lentils

There are various health benefits of sprout lentils because of the nutrients it holds. For a low calorie diet, sprout lentils are an ideal. With a cup holding about 82 calories and lesser than 0.5 grams of fats, sprout lentils benefit the body in terms of weight control, risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. Furthermore, sprout lentils consist of a substantial amount of proteins and carbohydrates and, a generous amount of potassium, iron and fiber as well. With low sodium content in possession, lentils are a safe option for the heart.

Health Benefits of Sprout Lentils

Here are some of the health benefits of lentils that may get you started on a low calorie diet, it instigates!


One of the most known benefits of sprout lentils is that it consists of substantial amounts of proteins. Proteins help speed up your metabolism level to a great degree, while maintaining muscle mass, which subsequently helps you burn fat and not muscle. Various studies conducted on the efficacy of proteins in terms of fat loss have shown for a high protein diet to facilitate fat loss while maintaining similar levels of muscle or building up on muscle.
Furthermore, Protein is the repair tool for damage induced to muscles and facilitates replenishment of deleted energy stocks! Proteins also help in manufacturing cellular messengers, hormones, immune system components and enzymes. If we fail to attain an adequate supply of proteins, it will not be possible for our body to generate the biochemical substances necessary for muscle contraction, healing and muscle growth.


Sprout lentil benefits also include the possession of iron. Iron is a miracle that works efficiently towards treating anemia, strengthening the immunity system, combating ADHD and it even acts as an energy booster by increasing muscle strength and reducing fatigue! Furthermore, research shows that children who are deficient in iron may develop poor cognitive skills, have behavioral problems and display lower than average progress in school. In order to keep your brain healthy, it is a wise option to add foods such as sprout lentils that are rich in iron to your diet.


Lentils are also a good source of potassium and this happens to be yet another benefit of sprout lentils! For starters, potassiumhas proven to be extremely loyal to the heart health! Potassium is highly efficient in regularizing blood pressure and keeps the heart rates stable by countering the effects of sodium. Potassium also promotes the nervous system health and regulates water retention too!

High on Carbs

About 40-45% of the body’s energy requirements are met with the help of carbohydrate intake. This nutrient is particularly important in promoting intestinal health. Considering how much research has concluded that best sources of carbs come from fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes, lentils happen to fit right in place.

Possible Health Concerns - Sprout Lentils

One given health concern of lentils on their own is that they consist of a substance called purine. When purine is broken down in the body it releases uric acid. Too much consistency of uric acid in the body can lead to diseases such as gout. Hence, it is advisable to keep the consumption of purine containing foods such as lentils below excessive levels.