In the recent years Greek yogurt has undeniably become the new fad amongst dieters! The skyrocketing popularity of Greek yogurt is due to its quality of being a high-protein snack. At first, cottage cheese was what the buzz was all about, but now it is fair to say that with the new and emerging trend of the creamy Greek yogurt which is also now available in a wide range of flavors, the fashion of cottage cheese has been pushed to the side. Greek yogurt is assumed to be more superior in nutritional value and to cottage cheese. But is it really? Well there is only one way to find out and that’s almost obviously a showdown!

So let’s bring the two on, put them against each other and see who wins the battle of being the fitter or let’s just say the fittest contender rather, in this fierce cut-throat showdown every dieter is buzzing about these days!

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is essentially made out of cow’s milk that is loosely packed together. The milk is at first curdled with the addition of a little lemon juice, some vinegar or a chemical enzyme, after which it is drained. Cottage cheese can be characterized by its rather bland flavor and the fact that it has curds in it. It is definitely a perishable item and needs to be consumed within ten days for better quality.

A dieter’s most appropriate food entails a high protein value coupled with a high calcium value, low amounts of fat and low amounts of calories, and to be precise cottage cheese spells out into exactly that! Furthermore, cottage cheese also ranks high when it comes to that essential Vitamin D. But that by no means puts a full stop to our story of cottage cheese, as it also is high in ‘casein’, which basically helps in slowing down digestion and aids absorption of food, helping alleviate various stomach related maladies and distresses!

Greek Yogurt

There is no denying that going Greek yogurt has recently become the mantra most dieters are following; making a place in their hearts and their refrigerator shelves both alike! Well, who is to blame them? It is in fact, tangier, less sweet and creamier than its conventional counterpart! Greek yogurt happens to be low in fat and calorie count and consists of live helpful bacteria too!

This Mediterranean wonder happens to be extremely healthy as it drains out most of the liquid whey, lactose and sugar, making for a thicker, more wholesome consistency, qualifying as a perfect and delicious low fat treat a dieter could ever imagine or ask for!

Cottage Cheese vs Greek Yogurt

Its time to call for the decision and announce our winners! But, before we do that we must analyze the nutritional values of the two. It’s quite straight and simple if you may!

Lets Fight for the Proteins-or Not!

It so happens that our newly discovered and very much loved Greek yogurt and our old fashioned beloved cottage cheese both consist of round about 3 grams of protein per ounce.

And the Winner for Calorie Count is…

The battle gets a little sparked here as cottage cheese gets a slight hit at the hands of Greek yogurt when it comes to that calorie count we are all obsessed with! Cottage cheese counts for 20 calories per count, whereas Greek yogurt counts for 16! Seemingly it is a small difference, but this is a competitive business and Greek yogurt wins this point!

All that Sodium!

Here is a catch though! While Greek yogurt and cottage cheese have been in a fairly close competition so far, our Mediterranean friend kind of wins the bigger piece of pie when it comes to the dreaded sodium! While cottage cheese consists of a whopping 400 grams of sodium per ounce, our meek friend Greek yogurt counts for a comparatively minute 65 grams of sodium per ounce! Now, that is a wow factor!


So, we have broken down the three major factors working for cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, namely, the protein value, the calorie count and the sodium coverage! It so happens that the protein and the calorie count do not really account for much to help either in their case of this battle! But, the sodium can make quite the difference to this otherwise sweet story! With a whopping 400 grams that cottage cheese counts for, it is fair to say that Greek yogurt has tapped its cousin down on the wrestling rink into an embarrassing defeat. But, that is really dependent on perception. That is because, if sodium is not that big a concern for you and you’d rather save a couple of bucks then cottage cheese is the winner for you! However, if you want to look out for the sodium and you are willing to spend a little extra dough, Greek yogurt is the way to live for you!

So really, IT IS A TIE! Either way, both of them happen to be a healthy choice, so do not hesitate and pick out whatever fits your needs and monthly grocery budget cut!