For thousands of years now, people have been dealing with the discomfort and pain of poison ivy. And since it is highly unlikely that this plant will be eliminated of the surface of this earth, this problem is going to remain. The most effective way to deal with this problem is to stay away from the plant itself. And if you happen to come in contact with it by mistake, you should ensure that your diet is such that the allergen in poison ivy cannot have its harmful effects on you. There are some useful steps that can be followed in helping you do this.

Recognizing Poison Ivy:

There are some vital characteristics that should be kept in mind that should help you identify poison ivy if you are in doubt. Look for a plant that:

  • Is in the form of a vine or creeper.
  • Has a cluster of thee distinct leaves.
  • Has clusters such that each one is connected to the main stalk individually.
  • Has clusters such that the middle stalk of each is longer ad more apparent than the side stalks.
  • Does not have any thorns.

Diet that protects you from Poison Ivy:

Even though there is no particular food or diet option that will protect you completely from getting a reaction to poison ivy, there are certain foods that will speed up the healing process and thus give you an allergy for a very short time. This together with immediate medical attention is about the safest you can get from the dangers of poison ivy.

  • Consuming a diet rich in vitamin c along with flavonoids on a daily basis is the key here. This prevents the allergy from getting infected ad also prevents the rash from spreading too much which is why you get fast relief from ay effects poison ivy might have.
  • A diet that has enough supplements of calcium and beta-carotene would also help. This is because these would cause the rash to heal quickly and prevent blisters from being formed which is a very painful process. Since calcium strengthens the imbue system, there is a high possibility that the allergic reaction is decreased I magnitude as well. The best calcium rich foods are dairy products.
  • Another essential element that should be incorporated into your diet in this regard is zinc. This is because zinc is involved in the creation of new skin tissue and will ensure that the patient’s skin recovers quickly and the damage done by the blisters is healed after the allergic reaction is over. 

Natural Cures of Poison Ivy:

It is a good idea to wash the effected ski with warm water and clean the area with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol in order to disinfect it. After that, protecting the effected skin by keeping it covered by a clean and light bandage is a good idea.