Tantalizing us with the surreal sense of elation, alcohol persists to be a risky part of our lives! While college days are the epitome of experimentation, progressing onto adulthood is generally marked by a substantial increase in the delirium of intoxicating alcohol! There is no denying the marked bond shared by sex and alcohol.

People generally believe alcohol loosens up an individual and makes them seem more approachable, therefore, allowing you to open up to others you may want to mingle with on a more personal level, and to kindle into flaming intimacies!  

However, there is a grave misconception over the effects of alcohol in general. Alcohol is not always a sexual arousal tool, or a sex drive stimulator. It can often very well be a downer when it comes to kick starting or boosting your love life!

Alcohol as a Sex Life Stimulant

Alcohol can oftentimes be just what you need to get your game on with those lovely ladies and those charming gentlemen. Here are some positive effects of alcohol to your sex life!

Alcohol as a Sex Life Catalyst!

Alcohol may spice up your sex life if consumed in moderation. Alcohol is very famously considered to be an aphrodisiac, and not many can deny the charm of a romance blossoming over a glass of wine! The first and foremost effect of alcohol being, it helps people feel more comfortable in their skin, loosen up, and initiate or engage in more enthralling sexual experiences. In various social experiments, small amounts of alcohol have had a positive correlation with social skills.

Alcohol and the new Found Confidence!

Being submerged by thoughts of not being satisfying in bed can effect sexual performances substantially! In order to perform well in bed, you need confidence. This is where aphrodisiac alcohol creeps in. Small amounts of alcohol, enough to calm the nerves and keep all senses intact has been known to increase bedroom performance to quite a degree! Alcohol helps alleviate these psychological barriers to some extent, helping you regain your confidence and channeling it onto your performance in bed with your partner!

Alcohol and Women On Cloud 9!

The effects of alcohol on women differ significantly from those on men. While alcohol often decreases sexual arousal in men, decreases intensity of orgasms and testosterone levels, it thrives to do the exact opposite for women! Alcohol is considered a sexual disinhibitor by most women and with good reason.  Studies show, when under the influence of alcohol, women experience increased sensations of pleasure during orgasms.  It is believed, as displayed in various social researches, because alcohol relaxes the mind, it allows women to be more sexual. This in turn increases their performance substantially, leading them to believe the orgasms they receive are highly defined, sensual and erotic.

Alcohol as a Sex Life Sedative

Alcohol does not always help you take the person you have your eyes on back to your apartment. Sometimes, it fails in helping you attain the sexual pleasures you hope to find. Here are some negative effects of alcohol on your sex life!

Alcohol and a Decreased Libido!

Alcohol consumed both chronically and acutely can be detrimental towards your sex life. Alcohol has been documented to decrease sexual arousal, decrease the intensity of orgasms and sometimes even make it harder to attain orgasms!  Excessive alcohol consumption can blow off your sex life miserably, as it can cause hindrances towards sexual stimulation by making erection difficult. Furthermore, alcohol instead of buzzing your sex life can buzz kill your sex life by narrowing the capacity that is vital to support the increased uptake of oxygen required during sex. All these symptoms are what contribute in reducing the libido, having a deleterious effect on testosterone levels and sexual performance of men.

Alcohol and Uninvolved Performance

Excessive consumption of alcohol can kill the joy of sharing moments of intimacy with your partner. Drinking so much that you pass out and can’t retain any memory of events is not only mind-boggling, it is also physically hazardous. Devoid of all realities and losing a part of your conscious awareness, alcohol can sometimes have quite a detrimental impact on your sex life.Too much consumption may make it extremely difficult for men to maintain their erection for reasonable lengths of time, causing for extreme dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Furthermore, immersed in the clouded perceptions induced by effects of alcohol, an individual may very well lose interest in intercourse halfway through! It is fair to say, pulling that off on your constant partner may get you into a lot of trouble!