Dried apricots are dry fruits which are extremely nutritious and healthy to consume. Dried apricots have numerous health benefits because they are rich in vitamins and essential nutrients.

Health Benefits of Dried Apricots:

A few health benefits of dried apricots are mentioned below. They are as follows:

Dried Apricot Health Benefit

Nervous System

Dried apricots do wonders to your nervous system. Consumption of dried apricots may be able to cure nervousness, anxiety, irritability, disturbed sleeping patterns and mild depression as well.

Rich in Iron and Calcium:

Dried apricots are rich in iron and calcium because of their high nutrient content. Iron helps in treating anemia in various patients whereas calcium, being an important mineral, can help in maintaining the bone mass and can keep your teeth strong. It can also treat osteoporosis.


Potassium is important for maintaining the electrolyte balance, which is important for the functioning of the muscle and nerve and it also plays an important role in controlling hyper tension.

Vitamins in Dried Apricots:

Dried apricots are a healthy source for many vitamins. The vitamins in dried apricots are as follows:

Vitamin K:

Vitamin K is a beneficial vitamin which is known for preventing blood loss in an injury and has the ability to cure many heart or coronary diseases. It can also benefit in blood coagulation. Dried apricots have around 4 mcg of this nutritious vitamin.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is found in abundance in dried apricots before they have been heated. After the heating process, it loses nearly 95% of the vitamin C content in it. Normally, in order to protect the vitamin C found in this dry fruit, people use sulfur dioxide to protect it. They do not realize that sulfur has many harmful effects and can affect all those who have asthma and other people who might be sensitive to the nature of preservatives.

Vitamin A and Beta Carotene:

Beta-carotene can be used to produce vitamin A in our body. This nutrient is essential for the body and it helps in keeping one’s skin and eyes healthy and nearly perfect. Since beta-carotene lies in the antioxidant group, it has various other benefits. A few may include removing free radicals which may help you from not getting any infections or colds and also plays an important role against cancer. It also boosts the immune system and ensures proper working of the system.

Overall, dried apricots are healthy for consumption due to their large range of benefits and essential nutrients. These are dry fruits which are consumed the most in winters.