Bell peppers are a crunchy vegetable with an eye-catching shape and glossy texture which can add taste and crunch to almost any dish! Bell peppers come in a wide array of colors, stretching from red, yellow, green, orange and purple to black.

Allergies and intolerance are the twomain food related conditions which cause stomach cramps. However, there are various otherreasons why you may experience stomach cramps after consuming bell peppers.  A few reasons have been listed below.

What Causes Stomach Cramps?

1. Bell Pepper Allergy:

As mentioned above, bell peppers can cause an allergic reaction in many individuals. Bell pepper allergies are rare, but not unheard of. Individuals may have a pepper allergy to a substance in peppers called capsicum annuum. Also present in divergent amounts is an allergen called Bet V1, which is a common food allergen.  Although bell pepper allergy is not as common as other allergies to dairy products or legumes, you should not worry since you’re not alone. Try and avoid bell peppers and also, do get yourself tested to see how severe the allergy might be. You will never know the severity otherwise.

2. Consumption of Raw Vegetables:

It has been found that consuming raw bell peppers may also be the reason why one develops stomach cramps. These raw vegetables can cause acidic reactions in the stomach, which may lead to digestion problems and gastric pain. To avoid such health concerns, nutritionists recommend boiling or steaming bell peppers before consumption so that one can enjoy its taste and stay healthy.

3. Stale Bell Peppers:

Stale or old bell peppers, which have rotted, are also another factor which causes these cramps. Always use fresh bell peppers in your dishes to avoid having any stomach cramps.

4. UnwashedBell Peppers:

Before consuming any fruit or vegetable, it is strongly advised to wash them thoroughly by both nutritionists and dieticians and this includes bell peppers as well. This is because they might contain certain bacteria and toxinswhich may cause stomach cramps and also lead to other severe factors like diarrhea, vomiting and low grade fever.

5. It’s Something More Serious:

There can be several other causes of stomach cramps other than consuming bell peppers. Some of these causes may include premenstrual syndrome or menstrual cramps, food poisoning, Crohn’s disease, appendicitis or maybe it could be a simple gastric problem.