Feelings of fullness and bloating are two which are quite commonly associated to a post meal time. Feelings of fullness also called satiety, refers to when our body feels well fed and full after a meal. One of the nutrients which promote feelings of fullness is dietary fiber, found in considerable amount in blackberries. Furthermore, the high fiber content in blackberries can cause bloating by instigating gas formation in the body. The excessive gas that is triggered in certain individuals, which is primarily what causes bloating, is a phenomenon more commonly experienced by those who are generally sensitive to consumption of gas forming foods, of which blackberries seem to be a prominent part of.

Cause of Bloating

When you consume a certain food, your body must break it down into smaller components during digestion so that it can easily absorb the nutrients and store proteins and fats, in order to fulfill its energy needs. The basic cause of bloating is the accumulation of gas in the body. When the body is trying to digest food it needs the help of vapors and gases. The gases are excreted off the body in the form of gas passing or belching. However, there may be some gas left in the body which ends up building up in the gastrointestinal system, becoming a cause of bloating. While bloating is a part of the bigger process of digestion, it can instill temporary feelings of fullness, an increased waistline and general discomfort in the stomach region.

Bloating and Blackberries

Blackberries are a chock full of fiber, with one cup consisting of about 4 grams, according to WHFoods. Fiber is indigestible by the human body and is extremely beneficial in the passing of stool as it softens it and adds more bulk to it in an attempt to ease the process digestion. However, when it comes to answering what causes bloating, the answer unfortunately is fiber. The downsides of fiber are the potential side effects associated with its consumption which primarily include abdominal discomfort, bloating and gas.


In some cases, consuming blackberries can be a cause of bloating not because of the fiber content it garners, but because it may be the result of some allergy or intolerance to blackberries themselves. Food allergies can culminate into a broad array of symptoms, ranging from minor to severe, depending on the hypersensitivity being channelized by the immunity system. Intolerance, a cause of bloating, is the product of a deficiency in certain enzymes that are much required in the digestive system to facilitate the process of digestion. In case of unavailability of these enzymes, certain important aspects of blackberries cannot be digested, becoming a cause of bloating.


It must be known that every other individual consuming blackberries does not necessarily have to suffer from bloating. With that said, consuming blackberries in abundance may eventually lead to abdominal pain, flatulence and bloating. Hence, it is advised to limit consumption and eat in small portions in order to avoid any discomfort, while at the same time enjoying the antioxidant wonders of the beautiful luscious berries!