No matter how many times you may have felt that this particular diet and you are meant to be, and you are finally going to fit into that cute black dress, more often than not, something is bound to go wrong. However, do not be disheartened by this fact because you are definitely not the only person going through these failures as every weight watcher fails his or her diet once a while. The situation is not hopeless either because if you spot the areas where you are commonly prone to fail and plan your route around them, you will be on your way to a healthy and slim little figure in no time.

Crash Diets

Being overweight and obesity are not problems which can be solved by a week or two of crash dieting. You need to have a long term plan on how to lose your weight in a healthy manner and then maintain your new body. The easiest way to do this is to find a diet plan that you can live with. This should include foods that you like eating along with allowing you to cheat sometimes.

Insufficient Planning

Another very common obstacle in weight loss is spontaneous eating. This usually occurs when you are craving something which is usually bound to be packed full of fat and unable to control yourself, you just eat it thus defeating the purpose of a diet plan. The solution to this is that once a week you should sit down and plan all your meals for the next seven days complete with the ingredients you need to buy to prepare them. After such meticulous planning, you will not fall victim to spontaneous eating as it will be your own hard work going down the drain.


One of the most common pitfalls of weight loss is when people try to starve themselves in a desperate attempt to lose weight fast. Restricting your calorie intake is a good thing but keeping it too low is not as it often means that you don’t even have enough energy to get through the day. The problem with starvation is also that you lose muscle instead of fat, and you end up eating more by the end of the day as opposed to less. The solution is o break up your meals into smaller parts and spread them out throughout the day so you don’t feel too hungry at any one point.

Giving Up

It is very common that a few weeks into a diet plan, the motivation of the dieter wanes and he or she starts thinking that there is no point to the weight loss program. A very common obstacle in weight loss, don’t let de motivation bring you down. In fact, you should admire yourself for the time that you persisted and you should appreciate the positive changes in your body because there are bound to be some.

Unreasonable Expectations

Most people tend to think that a few weeks into a weight loss program and they will have the body of a supermodel. To supplement this vision, they tend to starve themselves and work out extra intensely. When their expectations are obviously not met, they get frustrated after very short periods of time. It is essential to know that slow and healthy weight loss is the only way to lose weight permanently. After all, the tortoise eventually did win the race.