Diabetes has practically become an epidemic in the developed countries of the world whose populations are more prone to eating luxurious food full of fats and sugars. Studies have shown that one in every three Americans has contracted this disease with the most common reason being obesity. As a result, nutrition companies and pharmaceuticals have decided to come up with nutrition bars and protein drinks that provide for a good and healthy meal on the go. This ensures that people suffering from diabetes eat healthy and fat free meals without having to spend too much time on the effort thus cutting down the development of the disease. However, the real question is whether these products are actually good for diabetics. Here are a few boxes that need to be checked to ensure that your nutrition bars are actually good for protecting you from Type 2 diabetes.

Check the Ingredients

The nutrition bars and protein drinks made by different companies are comprised of different ingredients. The idea is to check the basic composition of these products because only some of them contain the ingredients that would help you keep your diabetes in check and maintain a healthy body. Nutrition bars containing resistant starch and uncooked cornstarch are usually the most beneficial. This is because they help counter one of the biggest risks in diabetes that is very low levels of blood glucose in the night. Not only that, but since both these starches are digested slowly, their presence ensures that blood glucose levels don’t increase dramatically. Apart from this protein drinks of this nature are usually full of protein and vitamin supplements which are helpful in maintaining a healthy body which are acceptable for diabetics but do not provide any major protection from type 2 diabetes.

Use them Well

If you are a diabetic who likes the taste of these products and can afford them, there is no harm in keeping a supply of nutrition bars so that you always have a healthy and safe meal to eat on the go. However, you need to be careful in your usage of these. This is because if you can feel your blood sugar levels dropping, it’s not a good idea to consume one of these nutrition bars because they are supposed to bring your sugar levels up very slowly. A good way to check the effect these products have on you is to check your blood sugar level about two or three hours after you eat a nutrition bar or protein drink. Not only that, but if you are a diabetic and purchasing one of these products, there are a few important things that need to be kept in mind:

  • Buy protein drinks that are high in fiber so that your digestive system is also regulated to support these new products that you are consuming.
  • When buying nutrition bars, make sure they are low in fat containing only about 5 to 7 grams, and that to, of the monosaturated variety.
  • Nutrition bars containing vitamins like foltate and calcium are always better than those who don’t.
  • These products are not always the answer to wanting a snack, pick up some fruits and vegetables and give them a go sometimes.