Snacks are notorious for encouraging weight gain, but a healthy snack can help you curb hunger throughout the day; and supply you energy and essential nutrients. When looking for a healthy energy booster, avoid downing a cup of coffee, or hovering over a sugary snack with an energy rush that'll expire faster than you can toss the wrapper. Think of high energy foods and stave off poor foods. Pick up healthy foods for optimum health and maintain your energy levels.

1. Fresh Fruits

Center your snacks choice on fruits. Fruits are the best snacks for people who want to eat healthy. Fruits are packed with natural sugars, and hence are good for snacking when you're running on low-energy fumes. Go for fruits that are high in antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and loaded with energy. Some of the super-fruit choices are avocado, banana and apple. Apricot, pear and peach are anti-aging foods, whereas a cup of berries has myriad health benefits.

2. Seasonal Vegetables

The darker the green the more nutritious the veggie is. Go for broccoli, it is chock-full of vitamin C, carotenoids and folic acid. It is also one of the fatigue fighting foods. Furthermore, make spinach and kale semi-regular parts of your healthy meals as well--they are both packed with vitamin C, K and A. Nibble raw vegetables or make a fullly nutritious salad. Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli are other anti-stress foods and are rich in iron and magnesium and help boost your energy levels.

3. Lean Meats

Lean meat is the richest and healthiest source of protein available in a grocery store. Lean beef, skinless chicken, pork and turkey contain amino acids and tyrosine that aids brain activities and also boosts your mood. Lean meats are high-energy foods, and also help combat depression and insomnia.

4. Nonfat Yogurt

Go Greek. Yes, greek style nonfat yogurt is calcium rich and is healthy for your bones. It has more protein than the regular one, and is thick yet delicious. Yogurt is also a good source of vitamin B, and is an energy booster you would need to jump-start your day. When you are in a mood to eat something creamy, add a perfect crunchy combination of nuts, and dried fruits to yogurt with a dab of honey and savor it with berries.

5. Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich source of protein, fat and carbohydrates. They also provide us calcium for healthy bones and teeth, magnesium for muscle function, zinc for immune function and folate for growth of healthy cells; whereas vitamin D functions to maintain calcium and phosphorous levels in the body. Consume milk, soymilk and low-fat cottage cheese to keep you energized, and to maintain an ideal weight.

6. Nuts and Dried Fruits

Rich in omega oil, nuts are rich source of vitamin E. Grab a bag of nuts and keep it in your bag, or near you so that when you reach for a handful you'll come across almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and flax seeds every few hours; and effectively, healthily satisfy your appetite, and not those chips and chocolates. Snack on nuts and seeds to boost your energy while avoiding low energy foods.

7. Eggs for Energy

Eggs contain enough nutrients and vital proteins to quite literally cultivate life from within a porcelain shell! You can preserve boiled eggs in the refrigerator and eat them when you feel the need for a quick energy fix. You can also add hard-boiled eggs to your next salad for a delicious protein boost. It is also great for an on-the-go, rushed kind of morning.

We get it: layoffs are stressful and depressing times in anyone's life. Your healthy diet may go astray, and you might also gain weight due to extended inactivity; but with these nutritious foods you can always maintain an optimum health, stave off those extra pounds, and energize yourself to tackle the great big bold world yet another day.