About Proteins - Why Proteins Deserve A Place on Your Plate

Recent research conducted on proteins has established that consuming more proteins in the form of eggs, fish, lean meat, poultry, nuts, dairy products and legumes is highly beneficial for the body as it promotes weight loss widely and also reduces the risk of heart disease substantially.

Proteins have the impact of helping you shed some pounds by keeping you belly full for longer. However, it is highly essential that you refer to the right sources of proteins to get this job done. Some of the most efficient and the best sources of protein are as follows:

Fantastic Fish!

Fish is an extremely beneficial and a healthy source of protein. Not only is fish a gold mine of protein but is also consistent of iron and vitamin B12 that are very important for providing energy and helping carry out daily activities efficiently and energetically! Fish contains the same amount of proteins as meat does but it also has the added advantage of housing much less saturated fat. A fish steak consists of one-fourth of the saturated fat that a beef steak does, making it a front row runner and one of the best sources of protein content, nutritional value and health implications!

Excellent Eggs!

Eggs are an excellent source of proteins. One egg of an average size is said to contain 6.5 grams of protein and the average daily requirement of protein amounts to about 50 grams. However, the actual amount of proteins that counts for an individual’s daily intake value may vary from person to person as it is highly dependent on weight. But, to be on the safe side, it is fair to say a 3 eggs Spanish style omelet or poached eggs on toast or maybe a yummy cheesy scrambled egg made out of 3 can do the trick for you. Eggs have qualified to our best source of protein list and promise to stay there till the very end of time!

Lean Meat!

If red meat is the way to live for you, then we suggest you choose the leanest of all cuts in order to avoid consumption of all the grueling fat meat houses. These lean cuts may be a little pricier but the health benefits are definitely worth it. Not only is lean meat one of the best sources of proteins, but is also good in terms of heart health. Research documents for a lean meat diet to lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks and also decreases the occurrence of strokes.

Legumes and Nuts!

Legumes are considered to be a wonder food. The wholesome legumes are not only a powerhouse of proteins, but also a perfect combination of other nutrients! Legumes are high in proteins and carbs and extremely low in fats. One cup of cooked lentils amounts to the same amount of protein as does a T-bone steak; 18 grams! As far as nuts are considered, these miniscule wonders are a considered to be amongst the best source of protein, coupled with good fats that are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats! Nuts are also the perfect diet for a weight loss routine as they are a slow burning food, keeping you full for longer!

Perfect Poultry!

Chicken is a great source of proteins, especially the skinless white meat kind as it has the added advantage of being low in fat as well! A whopping 21 grams of proteins can be attained from a 3 and a half ounce serving of chicken breast. Furthermore, poultry is also an efficient source of vitamin B’s and zinc, adding even more to a healthy lifestyle!

Dairy Products!

Dairy foods are an excellent source of proteins. However, the story doesn’t just end there. Along with being high in proteins, dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt is also a powerhouse of calcium, promoting bone health and a great source of Vitamin D! Low fat dairy products are a better choice as they are obviously low in fat content and also prevent osteoporosis!