Milk provides us with an abundance of nutrients including minerals, salts and vitamins. However, not everyone drinks milk. Some may simply not like it, whereas others may have healthy justifications (such as lactose intolerance).

Here are 5 healthy milk alternatives  Milk – for some kids who gobble it all down in one gulp it is nothing more than a daily routine. For others, it is a daily nightmare. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that milk is your number one source of calcium: a crucial dietary need, which if not consumed in the right amounts, can lead to early retirement. That’s right, so to get the right amount of calcium, fiber and what not in your body, we’ve compiled this list of 5 healthy milk alternatives for those who aren’t quite fond of milk.

Rice Milk:

Number one on our list for 5 healthy milk alternatives is rice milk. Acting as the top choice for vegetarians, rice milk is made from rice, a syrup and starch. Although it does not contain any natural sugars, flavors and sugar are added to most commercial rice milk. Rice milk contains the same amount of calcium as regular milk because it is fortified with calcium and vitamins at the time of processing. Be sure to pick out the right brand that contains all of the above. Also, a tip for non-vegans, don’t jump immediately onto the rich milk wagon. It might not suit your taste.

Hemp Milk:

Number two on our list for 5 healthy milk alternativesis hemp milk. Hemp milk, as the name suggests, is made up of seeds from the hemp plant. It is rich in Omega-3’s & Omega 6’s, and other nutrients such as iron, calcium, fiber etc. It is a good alternative for those allergic to soybeans. Once again, don’t go out rushing and buying hemp milk. Make sure to try it out first, and even throw in a flavor that suits your taste if you can’t do plain hemp milk!

Soybean Milk:

Number three on our list for 5 healthy milk alternatives is soy bean milk. Soybean milk can be made into tofu – and is a popular choice for Asians. It contains about the same amount of protein as regular milk, along with water and oil. Calcium is added to soy milk at the time of processing to bring it to the same level as cow milk. The good news is that soy milk contains no lactose, so it’s a good idea to try it out if your lactose tolerance isn’t herculean. Remember, you don’t have to be Chinese to like soybean milk so give it a shot as a healthy milk alternative!

Almond Milk:

Number four on our list for 5 healthy milk alternatives is almond milk, and with good reason. Feeling too lazy to drive down to wherever the store is and grab a carton of milk? No problem. Just blend in some ground almonds with water and make your very own home-made almond milk! Though the taste differs from regular cow milk, almond milk has a crisp taste and is worth a try because it is low fat and contains no lactose. If you want to shed a few extra pounds, this just might be the right milk alternative for you.

Coconut Milk:

Number five on our list for 5 healthy milk alternativesis coconut milk. You’re bound to find it yummy and delicious with its rich taste and looks! It is used as a cooking ingredient for many Asian countries, and the lauric acid it contains is said to do wonders for your cardiovascular system. However, don’t gulp down coconut milk like water – rememberit still has a significant amount of fat because of the oil that gives it that rich, creamy taste.

Lastly, remember to enjoy whatever healthy milk alternative you decide to pick out from our list. Be healthy & stay healthy.