Maintaining a healthy weight or attempting to drop a few extra pounds can seem quite tedious after the determination and passion continues to wane as the days crawl by. All your hard work can unravel in one weak moment when you find yourself unable to fend off those bothersome cravings for unhealthy foods. Thank Mother Nature for healthy foods that keep you full, quell those intense cravings, and keep you right on track with your diet.

Healthy Food That Keeps You Full

You’re determined to stick to your healthy diet like glue, but those nagging cravings for snacks throughout the day are just so difficult to deal with. If you have not had anything to eat for 5 hours after your last meal, you are bound to have a rumbling stomach- that’s just the way the body works. And that gives you all the more reason to stock up on healthy, hunger satisfying fillers to pacify those cravings without putting on any added calories or fat. High density foods such as foods rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats are uncontested winners. So the next time you go grocery shopping, filling up your pantry with the following foods that keep you full on your topmost priority.

Nuts for Nuts

They may not be sweet but they sure are an addictive healthy option! Almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, macadamia nuts, and seeds are just a few of the options available in terms of foods that keep you full. Don’t be deceived by their small size. These wholesome options are crammed with healthy fats and protein that keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. Do exercise some portion control when using nuts in your main dish or as snacks - 6 to 12 nuts should do the trick.

Oodles of Oatmeal!

Who needs artificial appetite suppressants when you have oatmeal to do the job for you. Artificial appetite suppressants have a whole bevy of side effects, which you would definitely be better off without. Oatmeal is chock full of soluble fiber which acts as roughage in your digestive tract and releases nutrients into your body system at a slow and steady pace. This leaves your body feeling full long after you have finished your helping of oatmeal.

Veggies Galore

Fresh, crunchy and brimming with nutritional goodness, vegetables are a fool proof food that keep you full and keeping the weight off your body. Slice up some cucumbers, carrots and celery, whip up a healthy yoghurt-based dip, and refrigerate them for a fresh, ready-to-eat snack that is low in calories and full of nutrients. A refreshing salad is a nifty way to make sure that you benefit from an assorted selection of vegetables, while simultaneously filling up your stomach with all sorts of nutritional wonders that will stave off cravings like nobody’s business!     

Get Fabulous With Fruits

Juicy apples, succulent berries, lip-smacking grapefruits and all the other countless flavorful fruits that you can purchase at your local grocery store can play an instrumental role in controlling and maintaining your weight if only you would give them a fair chance! Rich in fiber, high in water content and with heaps of nutrients and anti-oxidants, these delicious healthy fillers will have you wondering why you ever yearned for sugary, processed food. Eat them fresh, in a delectable fruit salad, or as a vital ingredient in your main course.

Egg-ceptional Eggs

Eggs are not only relatively low in calories and high in proteins, but they also leave you come under the category of foods that keep you full for longer periods of time due to slow and steady digestive action.  So how about an egg for breakfast? Poach it, boil it or make a healthy egg and tomato sandwich on whole-wheat bread for the perfect hunger satisfying food!