There is no smoker who does not know the hazards and risks they put their bodies through. Yet, to quit smoking is not a path that is treaded upon by many. Smokers live in an awkward dilemma: they know this drug would kill them one day but they find reasons not to quit.

These supposed reasons are only an unwholesome attempt at rationalizing their behavior and not really justifying why smoking is alright. To quit smoking, the first thing you need to do is to actually stop smoking. There is nothing more important than to have the will, determination and commitment if you want to quit smoking – everything else is only a post requisite.

However, if you have decided to pull yourself out of misery and help your body, there are many ways that can help you quit smoking such as foods that can help you quit smoking.

Foods That Help Quit Smoking

Among the many things we eat every day, some are considered the best foods for quitting smoking. They are in our refrigerators and in out kitchens pantries, yet we have no idea how they can help us quit smoking. Let see what they are:


Milk is not only a nutritious food that provides lactose and protein to the body but it is also considered as one of the best foods for quitting smoking. The Dukes University revealed in a study that smokers who were given a glass of milk did not like the taste of their cigarettes. Results showed that smokers complained of a bitter after taste.

As practice to quit smoking, we recommend you dip your cigarettes in milk and let them dry. Now, when you smoke the milk dipped cigarettes, chances are you’ll put it out half way through because of the bad taste it leaves in your mouth.


Vegetables like celery, carrots, zucchini, cucumber and egg-plant, like milk, leave a bitter after taste if eaten before smoking. Specialists also claim that eating vegetables regularly in your diet can seriously decrease your cravings of nicotine.

However, we advise that you stay away from sweet vegetables such as peas and corn. So keep munching on those fresh carrots and celery, or make a nutritious salad with spinach the next time you feel like smoking.

Orange Juice

When there is a lot of nicotine in your body, you rob yourself of your vitamin C content. Every time you smoke, a large amount of Vitamin C is flushed out of your body, making you Vitamin C deficient.

Hence, orange juice is one of the best foods for quitting smoking as it provides your body with Vitamin C which replaces nicotine in the body. Drinking orange juice and eating fruits like lemons and pomegranates that are packed with vitamin C will help you quit smoking faster.


Ginseng, a Chinese herb that does more than help you lose weight, is an effective food in preventing the nicotine-induced release of dopamine which is the main culprit that keeps you lighting those cigarettes one after the other.

Ginseng is also known to effectively cleanse the body as it removes toxins from the lungs that have been diseased form smoking, acting not only as a food that helps you quit smoking but also working to rejuvenate the respiratory system.

Chewing Gum

Chewing sugar free gum can help you to quit smoking, not because it has any chemicals that decrease your cravings, but because it is an oral fixation. Smokers find themselves to be orally fixated, keeping their mouths busy, and chewing gum acts as an alternative to your previous fixation.

Talk to your physician about your smoking habits today before you try out any of these best foods for quitting smoking. You may also want to invest some time in smoking cessation programs/support groups to wean yourself off of this bad habit effectively.