Food poisoning is an extremely unpleasant condition to suffer from and can leave you experiencing severe diarrhea and vomiting for up to a week resulting in weight loss, fatigue and dehydration. You can get food poisoning with just about anything you eat if it is contaminated. This contamination has a lot to do with how to food is handled both at its point of origin and when it is prepared and brought to your table. Although any contaminated food can make you sick there are certain typical foods that are the most prone to contamination due to their perishable nature. A list of the top ten foods that are the primary causes of food poisoning is given below so that you can be careful when you consume them.

Leafy Green Vegetables:

Due to the fact that they are constantly in contact with dirty water, farm animals, manure and are handled poorly during harvest etc, leafy greens can very easily become contaminated by bacteria. This bacterium then makes its way to your kitchen and eventually dining table and result in food poisoning. However, hold your horses for just a second there. Leafy green vegetables are high in antioxidant content and other nutrients, and should be part of your diet. Make sure your greens are fresh and washed thoroughly to avoid food poisoning.

Shell Eggs:

Shell eggs are very prone to Salmonella poisoning and thus, it is imperative that they are cleaned properly before being used in order to ensure that Salmonella originating in the intestines of the chicken hasn’t left any traces in the egg.

Tuna Fish:

Some fish rot very quickly after they have been caught fresh and tuna is one of them. Scombroid is the most common illness occurring due to tuna. It results in the tuna releasing a toxic chemical if it isn’t frozen at very low temperatures immediately after being caught. If these toxins find their way into your system, they can result in vomiting, skin flushing and abdominal cramps.


If you serve oysters in their raw form or leave them undercooked, they can be harmful. This is because they can result in the stomach along with the intestines becoming inflamed. Apart from that, oysters may sometimes contain a very harmful chemical called Vibrio which can bring about cholera, and even death.


Cold dishes containing potatoes like potatoes salad usually prove to be a common cause for food poisoning. This is because such dishes contain mayonnaise and eggs which breed pathogens that are encouraged by chemicals in potatoes.


Cheese is high risk in the list of foods that bring about food poisoning.  This is because cheese is highly prone to salmonella poisoning due to the breeding of pathogens which come about when unpasteurized milk is used in the cheese making process.


Being a dairy product, ice ream can cause food poisoning because it deteriorates due to cross contamination i.e. when unpasteurized and pasteurized milk mix in the process of making ice cream.


Tomato is the most high risk fruit when it comes to food poisoning because it is the most prone to Salmonella poisoning. Salmonella in animal waste is present in soil used for fertilizing and it enters the root of the tomato plant from its roots and eventually finds its way into the fruit through cracks in its skin.


With a high risk of salmonella poisoning and facing the same problems as leafy greens, sprouts served raw are a prime cause for food poisoning.


Berries are susceptible to getting contaminated from people handling them and thus, when served raw can cause food poisoning.