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Healthy Eating 11 Protein-packed Vegan Breakfast Recipes

11 Protein-packed Vegan Breakfast Recipes

by Rida Bukhari | November 21, 2015

Foods That Negatively Affect Women's Fertility
by Melissa Zimmerman | November 19, 2015

Trying to get pregnant? Clear these anti-fertility foods from your diet fast.

How To Make Healthy Organic Recipes On A Budget
by Caleb Palmquist | November 15, 2015

Sometimes it seems like you have to make a choice between eating healthy and eating well. These easy organic recipes fit a tight budget, so you will be able to eat healthy, delicious foods without ...

Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Help Lose Weight
by Erin Sparrold | November 14, 2015

Starting your morning off right can help you burn more fat during the day. Here are some great and simple recipes to help you start your weight loss.

Foods to Refuel: What to Eat After a Workout
by Erika Volk | December 12, 2014

When you exercise vigorously, your body uses its energy stores (fats, carbs and protein) for fuel. Later, these energy stores help your body recover from the stress of the workout.

How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau?
by Sandra Harrison | June 06, 2012

Have you taken steps to lose weight? If so, then congratulations! The bliss of starting out a workout regime and a diet plan is unexplainable!

Best Foods to Eat When You Hit a Weight-Loss Plateau
by Melissa Zimmerman | November 08, 2015

Have you hit the weight-loss wall? What you can do to break through and keep losing. Luckily, you can break through the plateau with the right foods and a few tips.

Is Organic Food A Healthier Choice?
by Melissa Zimmerman | November 07, 2015

Is organic food really healthier, or is this just a clever marketing scheme to get you to pay more?

7 Day Watch Out for Sugar Challenge
by Liz Josefsberg | November 07, 2015

With Halloween in the rear view mirror and a few weeks left till Thanksgiving pies and treats it is the perfect time to challenge you to really evaluate your sugar intake for one seven-day period ...

Herbs to Grow Indoor to Add that Just-Picked Flavor to your Meal
by Caleb Palmquist | November 05, 2015

There is no need to buy dried herbs at the store, when you can grow them fresh in your own living room. Learn how to grow your own herbs inside, and get started with our fantastic herb planting ...

7 Foods to Get Revitalized After a Layoff
by Jennifer Elliot | February 13, 2014

Break free from the vicious circle of laziness after a layoff. You can get yourself back on track with these nutrition-rich picks. When your energy level sags, takes a dip for more lethargic ...