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Healthy Eating Top 10 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

Top 10 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes

by Gina McKnight | April 25, 2015

How Raw Foods Can Improve Your Fitness
by Kristen Forbes | April 25, 2015

Don’t worry: we’re not going to tell you to start eating a 100% raw diet. But you should be aware of small tweaks you can make to add a little bit of raw food to your diet – and reap a lot ...

7 Eating Habits To Uncover Your Abs
by Christian Heftel | April 25, 2015

Picture this: you’re trying to drop weight and get a six pack, and you think you’re doing everything right. You’ve run hundreds of miles, done thousands of crunches, but your stomach still ...

3 Popular Myths About Making Beef Part of a Healthy Diet
by Debra Ferris | April 24, 2015

Beef can actually be part of a heart healthy diet. Here, we'll bust a few myths, show you how beef can actually help you lose weight, how it can give you loads of necessary vitamins and minerals, ...

Top Five Tasty Meatloaf Recipes
by Amber Racer | April 24, 2015

In need of some comfort food? Try homemade meatloafs of every flavor, meat, and style.

Six Greek Yogurt Recipes To Enjoy Your Lunch
by Gina McKnight | April 24, 2015

Love Greek yogurt? Using simple ingredients, try these amazing recipes that you can create for lunch!

What Are the Best Foods For a Gallstone Diet?
by Melissa Zimmerman | April 23, 2015

Abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and vomiting… sounds like a bad case of food poisoning, but these can be symptoms of gallstones.

Build Muscle With an Ideal Bodybuilding Diet
by Matt Staff | April 23, 2015

The great big broad and rippling muscled gym-goers all share a collective knowledge-the key to achieving gains and the most noticeable results lies in the diet. So, what exactly are you doing ...

Six Sources of Best Lean Animal Proteins
by Bethany McIlrath | April 23, 2015

Eating enough protein is vital to building muscle. How can you get enough protein without consuming excess fat though? These six sources of lean animal proteins are a good start!

Eight Surprisingly Healthy Packaged Foods
by Jessica Starks | April 22, 2015

In this day and age, we live in a world of convenience. Everything seems to be quick and right at our fingertips! This is especially prevalent when it comes to food. Although some of these foods ...

9 Healthiest Snacks for Men and Women
by Stacy Zimmerman | April 22, 2015

When it comes to snacking, men and women both need to watch what they eat. Here are our 9 favorite healthy snack alternatives for anyone who wants to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.