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Healthy Eating 8 Low Calorie Chicken Recipes

8 Low Calorie Chicken Recipes

by Melissa Zimmerman | July 05, 2015

5 Flower-Inspired Dessert Recipes
by Stacy Zimmerman | July 05, 2015

What could be more special than receiving a bouquet of beautiful flowers? What about a bouquet of edible flower-inspired treats? Here are 5 easy to create floral inspired desserts.

10 Best Anti Inflammatory Foods
by Melissa Zimmerman | July 05, 2015

Changing your diet from the Standard American Diet to an Anti-inflammatory diet can do more than impact your waistline. These 10 anti-inflammatory foods can protect you from dangerous health ...

5 Infused Olive Oil Dressings For Your Salad
by Caleb Palmquist | July 05, 2015

You can make your own delicious olive oil infused dressings at home for a delicious salad you’ll want to eat again and again. Making an infused olive oil is actually pretty simple.

20 Healthy Recipes for the 4th of July
by Kristen Forbes | July 02, 2015

Between the hot dogs, cake, s’mores, cookies, burgers, fried chicken, pasta salad and beer, it can seem like there’s no way to make an Independence Day menu healthy. Add in the extra challenge ...

Daily Snack Ideas Under 150 Calories
by Ridz Buk | July 04, 2015

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring. Here are 31 delicious and mouthwatering, hunger-curbing snacks to enjoy every day of the month all under 150 calories

20 Homemade Cake Recipe Ideas
by Gina McKnight | July 04, 2015

Cake! More than just a four letter word! Scrumptious ideas for cake you make at home! Try one of these 20 cake recipe ideas to wow your family and friends!

10 Healthy Pecan Dessert Recipes
by Kelly Turner | July 04, 2015

Pecans are great any time, any way, but they work especially well in desserts because of their deliciously buttery yet rich flavor. Try these 10 healthy dessert recipes that feature the all mighty ...

5 Seasoning To Spice Up your Foods
by Bethany McIlrath | July 04, 2015

Is your diet getting boring or bland? Spice it up (without upsetting your stomach or burning your mouth!) Try these overlooked seasonings that can pack a powerful punch!

10 Amazing Healing Powers of Grapes
by Caleb Palmquist | July 04, 2015

Dig into a bowl of delicious grapes and enjoy their healthy properties.

7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure
by Melissa Zimmerman | July 03, 2015

High blood pressure affects one in three Americans. The good news is you can eat delicious foods that lower blood pressure. Find out which ones to eat and which to avoid.