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Healthy Eating Six Tips for Better Kale Salads

Six Tips for Better Kale Salads

by Melissa Zimmerman | April 20, 2015

10 Healthiest Cereal Choices for Breakfast
by Jessica Starks | April 20, 2015

Cereal – a classic staple at the breakfast table. It's simple, cheap, and easy to put together, not to mention delicious! What's delicious, however, isn't always nutritious. That is why it's so ...

6 Best Low-Carb Pasta Recipes
by Caleb Palmquist | April 20, 2015

I can't believe it's not pasta! Try these delicious pasta alternatives.

Five Energy-boosting Vegan Protein Smoothies
by Amber Racer | April 19, 2015

Are you a vegan with a regular workout routine? Then boost your protein intake with delicious fruit and vegetable vegan protein smoothies topped with sweet nectars, nuts and spices.

In Your Favorite Cocktail Use Soda Water
by Inspiring You | April 19, 2015

In your favorite cocktail, use soda water in place of tonic.

10 Tips to Make Better Fruit Salads
by Jessica Starks | April 19, 2015

Fruit salads: one of the simplest and most healthy desserts to make. Although there's nothing more to it than throwing some fruit in a bowl, that is where the magic tends to stop. Are your fruits ...

Awesome New Ways To Add Asparagus To Your Meals
by Melissa Zimmerman | April 18, 2015

Asparagus is awesome. France’s King Louis XIV loved asparagus so much that he had special greenhouses built so he could enjoy it all year long, earning this vegetable the nickname “the Food of ...

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Tomato Juice
by Christian Heftel | April 18, 2015

Tomato juice may not be the first thing you reach for when you want a refreshing drink, but you may want to rethink your stance. The health benefits of tomato juice make a strong argument for its ...

5 Healthy Mediterranean Dinner Recipes
by Erika Volk | April 18, 2015

Incorporating Mediterranean cuisine into your diet can help protect your health and keep you slim. Try cooking one of these 5 fresh and flavorful Mediterranean dinners for your family tonight!

Top 10 Clean Eating Recipes to Enjoy This Weekend
by Caleb Palmquist | April 17, 2015

Clean eating is a nutrition philosophy that revolves around being conscious of where your food comes from. If you want to eat clean, you’ll want to avoid processed and unnatural foods as much as ...

10 Creative Ways to Add Watermelon to Your Diet
by Kristen Forbes | April 16, 2015

Why not grill it, turn it into a cake, or add it to a sandwich? Watermelon is much more versatile than most of us give it credit. Here are 10 ways to add watermelon to your diet – and there’s ...