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Healthy Eating 7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

7 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

by Melissa Zimmerman | July 03, 2015

How To Make A Salad Dressing And Why Should You Do It Yourself
by Nathalie Plamondon | July 03, 2015

Store bought salad dressings are convenient and ready to use in one minute. Just unscrew the cap and pour. However, you can could a gourmet salad dressing in two to three minutes.

7 Guilt-Free Chocolate Dessert Recipes
by Gina McKnight | July 03, 2015

Did you say guilt-free chocolate desserts? No longer do we have to rely on high calorie recipes to enjoy chocolate! Try these decant chocolate dessert recipes that will be a hit.

8 Tasty Recipes Baked With Cinnamon
by Debra Ferris | July 02, 2015

Cinnamomum verum, aka Cinnamon. You are most familiar with this spice in baking but, do you know where this exotic spice originates, and its non-baking uses?

10 Tips for Tracking Your Food Intake
by Kelly Turner | July 02, 2015

Several studies have shown that people who keep food journals are more likely to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. By writing down everything you eat, you'll be more mindful about ...

8 Veggie Hacks to Cut Calories from Your Meal
by Matt Staff | July 02, 2015

These 8 food hacks will help trim your calorie intake and even slim that waistline.

20 Healthy Recipes for the 4th of July
by Kristen Forbes | July 02, 2015

Between the hot dogs, cake, s’mores, cookies, burgers, fried chicken, pasta salad and beer, it can seem like there’s no way to make an Independence Day menu healthy. Add in the extra challenge ...

5 Naturally Gluten Free Meals Recipes
by Amber Racer | July 01, 2015

Are you allergic to gluten? Instead of substituting “gluten-free ingredients”, try these naturally gluten free recipes next meal.

6 Low-Calorie Crunchy Chip Recipes
by Elise Rivera | July 01, 2015

Since snacking is the opportunity to give yourself an energy kick and to refuel between meals, why not do it right? Forget greasy, empty-calorie potato chips, and try any or all of these 6 amazing ...

Ways to Eat Less Sugar
by Stacy Zimmerman | July 01, 2015

Have you tried to cut back your sugar intake but found it impossible? You are not alone. Sugar is addictive and can be a tough habit to kick. But it's possible wit these smart steps.

9 Desserts Made With Clean Ingredients
by Christian Heftel | July 01, 2015

Clean eating isn’t just a diet; it’s a way of life. In clean eating, you eat frequent small meals, choose organic whenever you can, avoid processed foods and preservatives, and generally try ...