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Healthy Eating 9 Vegan Food Recipes Even Meat Lovers Will Love

9 Vegan Food Recipes Even Meat Lovers Will Love

by Victoria Caroccia | April 27, 2015

What to Eat to Get Rid of Cellulite
by Erika Volk | April 26, 2015

Approximately 9 out of every 10 women have cellulite. Pockets of fat cells that push up against connective tissue cause these lumps and bumps to settle on your curves.

10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Can Make In 10 Minutes or Less
by Erika Volk | April 27, 2015

Short on time but still love to eat breakfast? These 10 quick breakfast recipes are perfect for your on-the-go morning. They are healthy easy to make recipes that will keep you feeling full al ...

Six Healthy Fries to Lose Weight
by Gina McKnight | April 27, 2015

What contains more potassium than a banana? A potato! Try these six healthy fry recipes to help you on your weight loss journey.

Hidden Risk in Your Sushi Revealed
by Melissa Zimmerman | April 26, 2015

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that is increasingly popular in the U.S., but is sushi the healthy food choice that so many think it is, or are there real risks involved with eating sushi?

Eight Healthy Cocktail Recipes Under 200 Calories
by Gina McKnight | April 26, 2015

It’s bikini season! We have eight healthy cocktail recipes under 200 calories that will keep you looking and feeling great on the beach!

Top 10 Weight Loss Smoothie Recipes
by Gina McKnight | April 25, 2015

Trying to drop extra pounds before swimsuit season swings in? Looking for the perfect weight loss smoothie? Look no further!

How Raw Foods Can Improve Your Fitness
by Kristen Forbes | April 25, 2015

Don’t worry: we’re not going to tell you to start eating a 100% raw diet. But you should be aware of small tweaks you can make to add a little bit of raw food to your diet – and reap a lot ...

7 Eating Habits To Uncover Your Abs
by Christian Heftel | April 25, 2015

Picture this: you’re trying to drop weight and get a six pack, and you think you’re doing everything right. You’ve run hundreds of miles, done thousands of crunches, but your stomach still ...

3 Popular Myths About Making Beef Part of a Healthy Diet
by Debra Ferris | April 24, 2015

Beef can actually be part of a heart healthy diet. Here, we'll bust a few myths, show you how beef can actually help you lose weight, how it can give you loads of necessary vitamins and minerals, ...

Top Five Tasty Meatloaf Recipes
by Amber Racer | April 24, 2015

In need of some comfort food? Try homemade meatloafs of every flavor, meat, and style.