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Safflower Oil

Safflower Oil

About Safflower Oil – A Magic Potion

Sunflower oil is the oil extracted from the plant ’safflower’. This plant blooms during summer seasons and thrives in hot climate. It is said to be a plant with desert origins! These flowers do not grow in cold climates. This flower is a member of the sunflower. The plant has long stems with pointy long leaves. The flower itself is not your typical petal flower - it is quite unique looking and instead of petals, this flower has thistles. This plant grows to a height of 30 to 150 cm and develops many branches. When the flower is in full bloom, the petals fall off, exposing the seeds that the oil is extracted from.

Safflower oil has recently only been introduced as an edible oil in India and was otherwise used an industrial oil.

Safflower Oil Nutritional Information

Safflower oil is abundant in Vitamin E, and is extremely low in sodium and cholesterol! Safflower oil also contains the least saturated fat compared to other oils!

Safflower Oil Health Benefits

Safflower oil is very healthy oil and is a must when it comes to your diet! Here are some amazing health benefits this oil can offer!

Good For Your Heart!

It is said that safflower oil can prevent and lower the risk of multiple heart related conditions including; Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, and High Blood Pressure. It is also said that a daily intake of safflower oil can curb cardiovascular disease, keep blood sugar in check, raise good cholesterol levels and improves sensitivity to Insulin!

Forever Young – Anti Aging Agent

Safflower oil can also be called ‘the oil of youth’, as this wonderful oil is anti aging! This oil helps keep the skin moisturized and has a softening, hydrating and smoothing effect on the skin that automatically helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines! No wonder it’s a common ingredient amongst cosmetics, lotions and creams! Safflower oil is also used as common massage oil! Applying the oil directly onto your skin also helps in treating inflammation and skin damage.

Caution: If you have sensitive skin, speak to your dermatologist about applying this oil to your skin.

Long Beautifully Luscious Tresses!

Safflower oil is an amazing conditioner for your hair! If you want to know how to get beautiful, healthy hair, then all you need to do is apply this oil on your hair and gently massage!  Shampoo your hair after half an hour.

Helps You Lose Weight!

Safflower oil unlike other oils does not oxidize when heated and is therefore a safer choice! Safflower oil contains some amounts of dietary CLA that help maintain body weight and burn up fat.

Note: Speak to your doctor before you start using this oil for weight loss purposes. Moreover, it may burn fat, but it also high in calories, so may end up increasing your weight.

Possible Health Concerns

Safflower oil contains many calories and therefore is advised to consume this oil in moderation at the risk of taking in too many calories.

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