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Sour Cream

Sour Cream

What is sour cream? Sour cream is regular cream which has been introduced to certain types of lactic acid bacteria deliberately in order to ferment it which makes the cream thick and sour! The taste of sour cream is what has made this cream so popular. However the sour taste in sour cream is not that of a strong overpowering one, but rather that of a mild sour taste. What is sour cream? Sour cream is popularly and commonly used as a condiment in Europe and North America. It is also a popular ingredient for baking cakes and cooking and is even used as a topping and dip for various kinds of snacks! However since sour cream is not entirely fermented, it does not have a long shelf life and is well advised to keep it refrigerated and to be consumed as quickly as possible. That being said, sour cream is extremely delicious and is one to try! If not for the adventure, then at least give it a try for its nutritional benefits!

Sour Cream Nutritional Information

1 tablespoon of Sour Cream consists of different nutrients, which are important for the body. Sour cream nutrition has 3g of fats, which fulfills 5 percent of the daily requirement. Out of the total fat; 1.8g is saturated fats. Sour cream nutrition is a rich source of minerals such as Calcium and Potassium. 1 tablespoon has 31 calories and 6mg of cholesterol. Sour cream also has 0.4g of proteins.

Sour Cream Health Benefits

Rich Source of Minerals

Sour cream is a rich source of minerals such as Calcium and Potassium. Calcium helps avoid problems such as osteoporosis; sour cream health benefits also aid in strengthening the bones and teeth of an individual. Potassium and Calcium both help regulate the blood pressure level of the body, this helps avoid cardiac diseases such as heart attack. Another essential role that Potassium plays is that it reduces the level of bad cholesterol; lesser cholesterol ensures efficient blood flow throughout the body.


Even though sour cream health benefits does not have abundant amount of proteins, but it does help avoid protein deficiency. Proteins are called the building blocks of the body since they help build and repair tissues.


Riboflavin is a Vitamin that converts the food we eat into energy and it also prepares the Vitamin B and Folate for our body to use. Riboflavin is also used to boost red blood cell count!

Vitamin B12!

Vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin as it helps activate autoimmune functions and it also helps keep your nerves healthy!

Possible Ways to Enjoy Sour Cream

Sour cream is a very versatile food and can be enjoyed in many different ways! Sour cream is commonly used as a condiment and even as a dip! To fully enjoy this cream as a dip what you can do is finely chop up some spring onions and stir it in the sour cream, now cut some carrots into long sticks and serve with the sour cream! This will be a healthy snack for the entire family! If carrots aren’t tickling those taste buds then try serving sour cream with mixed berries! Simply yum! Sour cream is also an amazing ingredient for baked goods like cookies and cakes! It is also the main ingredient for cheese cake in some recipes!

Sour cream is used as an ingredient for making 
appetizers such as Banana Zucchini Bread, which is a light and filling bread. It can also be used to make a variety of mouth watering and amazing desserts which includes blueberry cheesecake and chocolate turtle cheesecake. Surprisingly this cream is also used as an ingredient for making soups and healthy salads.

Sour Cream Health Concerns

Sour cream, like other types of creams, is a rich source of saturate fats. Excess consumption of saturated fats can cause cardiac diseases such as heart attack. This is because; saturated fats block the arteries which can hamper the efficient blood flow.

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