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Split Peas

Split Peas

About Split Peas

A pea is most commonly known as the seed-pod of Pisumsativum. This pea goes through the process of drying, peeling and splitting to produce what is commonly known as split peas. Split peas are available in green and yellow color. The process involves harvesting the plant and separating the pea from the pod they grew in, this is followed by the splitting process in which the skin of the pea is peeled off to give it a duller look. The peas are then separated either manually or mechanically in order to split the seed’s cotyledon.

Split Pea’s Nutrition Facts

People are generally not aware of just how beneficial split peas can be A single serving of split pea nutrition are rich in proteins, calories, potassium, vitamins, minerals and fats. All these components can help to ensure that an individual remains healthy and also helps to prevent certain diseases; hence they prove to be an excellent choice to fulfill the nutritional needs of our body. There is 16g of protein present in a single serving of split peas nutrition facts; which fulfills roughly 33 percent of our daily protein needs. Every serving of split peas has 231 calories and 710mg of potassium which is 20 percent of the recommended value of potassium. Split peas are also rich in Vitamin A and C, vitamin C helps in protecting the body against oxidative stress whereas vitamin A is needed by the retina of the eye. Once single serving of pea also provides 16g of dietary fiber which is 64 percent of the recommended intake.  Split peas are a rich source of manganese, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium and copper.

Split peas Health Benefits

Blood Sugar Control

Split peas nutrition helps to prevent complications caused by diseases like diabetes which cause blood sugar levels to rise. The dietary fiber in peas helps to slow down the sugar absorption so that it does not get enter the bloodstream quickly. Hence, it helps to regulate the sugar level in our bloodstream.

Heart Health

Split peas help improve the health of your heart; it reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in your body hence reducing the risk of heart disease. Split peas nutrition facts also help to regulate the blood pressure of the body, hence reducing the chances of a heart attack. This is all because of the potassium and sodium present in the split peas.

Weight Control

Split peas can help control weight gain, since split peas have low calories.

Iron and Anemia

Split beans are rich in Iron which is very important for our body. Iron helps in the production of a substance known as hemoglobin which carries out oxygen throughout the body. Hence eating split peas ensures that the body has enough iron to produce hemoglobin.

How to Enjoy Split peas

Split peas are usually used to make split pea soup! Split pea soup is extremely to make and is not only delicious but has lots of nutritional benefits as well. This soup has simple ingredients – all you need it; green split peas and onions. Just cook these two ingredients until tender, then partially pureed. The vibrant green soup is finished with a generous drizzle of golden olive oil, a few flecks of lemon zest, and a dusting of smoked paprika to give the soup some smoky depth. The final result is you have a meal which is not only mouthwatering but also healthy.

The use of Split peas is not limited to soups only, in Beijing yellow split peas are used to make a sweet snack called “Wandouhuang”, which is a chilled pea pudding flavored with dates. In Europe yellow split beans are used to make an appetizer called “Fava”.  So we can actually create lots of exciting dishes with a simple and healthy ingredient that is split peas.

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